Intigriti - Safe Haven


Why Intigriti?

Due to its network size, Intigriti can virtually provide 24/7 continuous pen-testing. Every participant within the Intigriti network is verified and vetted to ensure only the most professional of those interested are selected. Many [white hat hackers] of those who work with Intigriti are hailed as some of the most skilled within the space.

We maintain control…

Intigriti gives us full control. Our team will receive real-time updates in regards to any weaknesses found within the Inheriti platform. Furthermore, we have the ability to choose our pen-testers. If we feel in any way uncomfortable with someone who desires to test Inheriti for short-comings, we simply deny their interest in evaluating the platform. Intigriti allows our development team to track any vulnerabilities within a transparent overview — crucial in our efforts to maintain the most air-tight ship possible for our users.

Proven success…

Over 85 global organizations have chosen to work with the Intigriti network of professionals. Intigriti has found itself an asset to the likes of international airliner, Brussels Airlines; as well as the executive branch of the European Union, the European Commission; and global human resource giant, Randstad. We believe that our community and those that will join well after this period has passed, deserve a long-term and responsible analysis of Inheriti; a tested, trusted, and proven analysis.

We look to Intigriti to provide it.

We believe in the philosophy behind Intigriti. We believe in their vision and inclusivity. Many core beliefs that we at Safe Haven hold valuable – security, transparency, innovation – are equally important within the Initigriti network. It is for these reasons and those stated above, we look forward to working alongside the power-house network that is Intigriti, as we deliver the world’s first fully decentralized inheritance solution.

What does working with Intigriti mean for Safe Haven?

Intigriti currently maintains an open bug bounty program on our flagship product Inheriti, ensuring continuous review and public audit of our inheritance and backup solutions.