A personal message to the Safe Haven community from CEO Logino Dujardin - Safe Haven

A personal message to the Safe Haven community from CEO Logino Dujardin

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Dear community and friends,

It’s that time again, another year has come to an end and 2020 is fast approaching. It is time to look back at the previous year, and share my thoughts and vision for the next.

We successfully launched our NODE program; an aspect of the organization directly tied to the appreciation and dedication of our community. ThorBlock Charity & Fundraising was introduced in efforts to drive blockchain pooling adoption. SafeKey and SafeID, cornerstones of security for the products within our ecosystem. Inheriti BETA, the flagship product will begin to grow in the coming year. Charitable Outreach for Vibrant Efforts, was introduced with a goal of positioning cryptocurrency as a viable method of charitable donation. The Trust Alliance Network, which will assist in lining up professionals within the space in tandem with our solutions. Finally, we dedicated some resources to building a merchandise store with hopes that we would be able to share our brand with others.

These milestones represent significant progress in building our revenue streams, strengthening our capabilities, and executing and expanding our project pipeline.

Last year, I promised that 2019 would be a year of partnerships and revenue, but we realized that building and finalizing products was priority before pitching concept products. I suppose it will be 2020 that should have been labeled the year of partnerships and revenue. With our core products ready, we can now focus on marketing, utility, liquidity, partnerships and customer acquisition.

The future is multi-chain…

As we made clear, we have decided to offer our products to several blockchain partners. We believe that FinTech and Asset Management solutions can not rely or succeed on one chain. The space is still young. Blockchains will require adoption of solid solutions to further their utilization, whereas projects will require multiple blockchains to expand their offerings. If you desire to achieve mass adoption, your solutions need to support from the entire blockchain landscape. Harmony was the first we announced and in the coming months our focus will be on supporting more chains like Ethereum, Binance, Ripple and Tron. Several discussions are ongoing and will be announced when appropriate, however we cannot do this without the community’s rally. Whether you know it or not, there is an element within the blockchain space that is less common in other markets and it is that of the community. The community drives the sentiment and that is important for moving forward with other communities within the space, while successfully integrating partners.

Safe Haven’s financial runway…

For a very long time, we have battled the market. Much of our resources are highly dependent on our native blockchain and the condition of the entire market, as a whole. With knowledge of this, the majority of Safe Haven works for nothing, voluntarily. This has allowed for a strong position moving into the new year, as we have learned to be selective in how we designate our resources. At times, the scrutiny of how we move forward may seem to limit the scope of what can be done within a limited timeframe. I can assure you, the approach is to ensure the longevity of Safe Haven. We have watched as several projects completely halt their progression due to market conditions, many of which were funded when we were; we are still here and remain strong.

To give you some further insight, we operate within a sector of blockchain development that is expected to experience the most impressive growth through 2025. This sector known as the BFSI or Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, captures roughly 42 percent of blockchain market capitalization (blockchain, distributed ledger, cryptocurrencies). Our goal within the next few years will be to capture just one (1) percent of this market sector. We will be strategically employing a significant portion of our budget to achieve this. Throughout this time, we will need strong partners and a community that continues to do exactly what you have done — provide support.

The Safe Haven community and partners…

I am entirely positive, the Safe Haven community and its partners are the best in the space. We, like any organization, have setbacks and delays — I truly believe there is no avoiding them; despite this, our community remains dedicated. Our public channels are respected, shared, and utilized. You further respect members of the team within these public channels and your discussions are intriguing, curious, and fun. Some of the most enjoyable moments for me (and the team) is giving back to the community, whether it be a contest or a tidbit of information that excites the crowd. It is an incredible driving force to reach out to people across the globe and build excitement. We will continue to listen to the community. We will continue to integrate your ideas and thoughts within our model. We will continue to respect your place within Safe Haven.

The Safe Haven team…

2019 was a year of intense work. The team put their noses to the grindstone nearly every day. Whether it was the development team pushing to make deadlines or the business team handling multiple meetings, the sacrifices made had an impact on nearly every facet of their lives. At times, their personal lives were turned sideways for a period in efforts to build success at Safe Haven. I have grown close to every member of the team both personally and professionally, and I rely on their knowledge and expertise. Their hard work resulted in the achievement of several important milestones to position Safe Haven for the future. I want to thank them for their continued work ethic despite the challenges they face.

As a company, I am confident that we are in the right market-segment. A segment that will power the future by providing solutions that are essential to support the ongoing blockchain development and globalization. Safe Haven has stood the test of time in terms of blockchain projects and our patience will pay off, especially as adoption grows.

As we embark on another year, I am very pleased to extend my very best wishes to you and your family for health and prosperity in 2020. Thank you.

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