SafeSwap - Safe Haven
Launched: 6 May 2022

Cross-Chain Bridge for Atomic Swaps of Native Tokens Between Different Blockchains

Meet SafeSwap, a secure cross-chain atomic swapping protocol that’s changing the game for interoperability of tokens and dApps.

By leveraging atomic swaps, SafeSwap enables token transfers between a user’s wallets across different blockchains, without needing third-party liquidity or middlemen.

Unlike other solutions that involve user liquidity and wrapped tokens, SafeSwap uses native tokens only, eliminating risks like smart contract vulnerabilities, token supply manipulation and unauthorized trading of wrapped tokens.

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Not Just Another Token Swap Platform

SafeSwap Helps You Swap Digital Assets From One Blockchain To Another By Using Atomic Swaps

When you think of token swap platforms, what comes to mind? Likely a platform that is reliant on liquidity pools to ensure your desired digital asset is successfully swapped to a different blockchain. Fortunately, atomic swaps do not have such requirements and provide the availability to swap desired tokens at any moment without worrying about liquidity. This makes SafeSwap a superior decentralized swap tool for blockchain projects and users alike.

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Experience the Freedom of Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps

Enjoy the luxuries of a sophisticated decentralized tool, brought to light in a simple, user-friendly interface. Let SafeSwap be your tool for bridging blockchains and beyond.

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Seamlessly swap digital assets from one blockchain to another

SafeSwap is a blockchain-agnostic tool using atomic swap contracts

SafeSwap is a protocol aimed at supporting Safe Haven and partnered organizations in sharing their developed solutions beyond their native chain.

Digital assets are minted on a native chain, limited in number, and cannot be used on a different blockchain – greatly limiting the adoption of innovative technologies. A typical blockchain agnostic approach allows for a greater reach, but compromises the integrity of tokenomics, as more assets would need to be minted. SafeSwap is a superior option as it is a trustless and decentralized swap option that works without sacrificing tokenomics.

  • Zero-liquidity trading
  • Real-time token swaps
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 24/7 unlimited trustless access
Swap Digital Assets

SafeSwap allows you to easily swap your EVM-based digital assets between multiple blockchains in real time.

Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps

SafeSwap works with blockchains based on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). These include Ethereum, VeChain, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and more.

Connect Multiple Wallets

SafeSwap’s goal is to support multiple digital wallets, to reduce barriers and to streamline the user's experience.

How does SafeSwap make use of $SHA?

  • SHA buyback program

    SafeSwap will be using a % of the SafeSwap platform fees and project listing fees to market buy SHA tokens and distribute them to SafeNode owners.

  • Swap SHA between different chains

    SafeSwaps opens the ability to swap SHA tokens between different blockchains such as VeChain, Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

Safe Haven - SHA token utility
  • Permanent token burns

    SafeSwap will be using a % of the platform fees to market buy SHA tokens and permanently burn them by sending them to a burn wallet.