Safe Haven's Staking Program - Soft Staking for SHA Holders

Staking Program

Staking Program

Safe Haven’s staking program is a soft, fixed stake-based initiative that will always allow SHA holders to freely decide to remove or add their tokens as they wish. The staking program will run for one year.

Each month commences with a five (5) day loading period, with the remainder of each calendar month set as the main staking period itself.

Staking Rewards

APRs will be based on a full monthly staking. Hence, any community member who stakes SHA will be provided with staking returns based on the full calendar month, regardless of how many days remain to the end of the month following the initial 5-day loading period.

Staking Requirements

Our staking program is open to both node and non-node holders. To participate in a node staking pool, make sure you have the correct Node Tier and the necessary surplus SHA tokens in your vechain wallet to participate in the respective staking pool.

  • SHA tokens
  • VeChainThor mobile wallet
  • SafeNode app

How to stake your SHA?

In order to gain access to our staking platform, please download our SafeNode app and link keystore of wallet. You’ll then be able to setup a connect node – maturation must be completed to enter node pools – or establish soft-locked positions in the non-node fixed staking pool.


Publicly available No Node Pool Stake up to 250,000 SHA Annual Percentage Rate 1.5% - 3.5% * Earn up to 729 SHA/month Pool size 90,750,000 SHA *
Matured node owners Connect Pool Stake up to 400,000 SHA Annual Percentage Rate 2.5% - 4.5% * Earn up to 1,500 SHA/month Pool size 64,000,000 SHA *
Matured node owners Harbor Pool Stake up to 500,000 SHA Annual Percentage Rate 3.5% - 5.5% * Earn up to 2,292 SHA/month Pool size 55,000,000 SHA *
Matured node owners Consensus Pool Stake up to 750,000 SHA Annual Percentage Rate 4.5% - 6.5% * Earn up to 4,063 SHA/month Pool size 33,750,000 SHA *
Matured node owners Legacy Pool Stake up to 1,200,000 SHA Annual Percentage Rate 5.5% - 7.5% * Earn up to 7,500 SHA/month Pool size 36,300,000 SHA *
Based on pool subscriptions

* APR Boosts

APR rates will be increased above initial APR rates at each tier as follows:

  • If a single pool hits 50% subscription, that pool unlocks an additional 0.5% APR boost
  • If a single pool hits 75% subscription, that pool unlocks an additional 0.5% APR boost
  • If any two pools hit 90% subscription, all pools unlock an additional 1% APR boost
Based on pool subscriptions

* Pool size increases

If any pool has ≥ 95% subscription for two consecutive months, the pool size will permanently increase by 10%, with a maximum of 20% increase per year.

Note: an increase in pool size will not cause a reduction in APR base rates or APR pool bonuses.