Comet is a Digital Wallet for VIP-180 (VeChain) Tokens - Safe Haven
Launched: 26 February 2020

Your Browser Wallet for the Decentralized Web

Comet is available for use across next generation Web3 and Connex dApps on the VeChainThor blockchain and is an integral part of VexChange – a decentralized exchange for all VeChain-based tokens.

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There's a Lack for Simplistic Decentralized Blockchain Wallets.

There is an increased need for secure decentralized wallets that allow for the interaction with smart-contract and dApps. Custodial wallets do not operate alongside smart-contract and dApps, thereby unable to leverage the power of blockchain technology.

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Accessible & Secure Decentralized Access Point

Comet provides an accessible and secure, browser-based decentralized access point, to a multitude of blockchain dApps.

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Key Features

Powerful dApps

Run Next Generation Web3 and Connex dApps.

A Digital Identity

Single Wallet Account for all your VeChain blockchain decentralized applications.

Security of Decentralization

Browser-based Comet ensures no entity has access to your wallet seed.

Decentralized dApp Communication

Interact with Safe Haven's Inheriti and other decentralized dApps.

How Is Comet Related to $SHA?

  • Store

    Comet can be utilized as a storage solution for our $SHA token.

  • Receive

    Use Comet to receive $SHA tokens by sharing your public wallet address with the sender.

Safe Haven - SHA token utility
  • Send

    Use Comet to send $SHA tokens over the VeChain network.

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