ThorBlock for Fund Pooling - Safe Haven

Decentralized and Trustless Fund Pooling

Making it easier and safer to collect money in a shared fund with family, friends, business partners, organizations, etc.

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Who Do You Trust With Your Money?

Have You Ever Tried Collecting Money Together?

This could be to raise money for a startup, a charity, an investment or even to buy a birthday present with a group of friends.

The problem is that you have to trust a centralized entity to manage your pool of money, and as soon as you contribute your share, you also give up control over your funds.

Collecting funds with a group of people through traditional methods poses a high level of risk and relies on mutual trust among contributors.

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Create A Pool Without Coding

Easy-To-Use Decentralized Pooling for Non-Blockchain Users

ThorBlock is subdivided into:

  • ThorBlock Pooling
    Generalized private pooling for multiple purposes
  • ThorBlock Fundraising
    Flexible pooling for individual or organizational needs
  • ThorBlock Charity
    Designed for charitable fundraising using blockchain

ThorBlock provides easy-to-use blockchain funding through ready-made, documented APIs, without the need for complex security audits.

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Why ThorBlock?

Create pools

Create your pool and start collecting funds for your most favorite IDO, private sale or pre sale on the VeChainThor Network.

Follow pools

Follow all your pools easily. You can check up on all your contributions and token distributions.

Share pools

Share your pool and allow anyone from your community to contribute in your pool.