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Launched: 20 September 2020

World's First and Only 100% Decentralized Inheritance Platform

Inheriti® is a DeFi application for safely managing, storing and transferring your crypto or other digital assets like NFTs, passwords, pictures and documents. Even after your death.

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350+ Users
100+ Inheritance Plans
500+ SafeKeys sold
1000+ SafeIDs created
The State of Digital Inheritance

The Digital Inheritance/Backup Problem

In an advancing digital world, the proper safekeeping and distribution of secure data is often overlooked. Digital assets and private information are constantly at risk and centralized digital vaults are not secure enough to protect against malicious third-parties.

The rise of blockchain and digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) requires a more secure method of safeguarding information as they can have high valuations.

The available legacy options require trust in a trustless world, and are no-longer effective in providing the most secure methods of transferring digital data, whilst protecting the holder of that data.

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A Decentralized Solution for the Future

How Inheriti® is Shaping the Future of Digital Inheritance/Backup

Digital Inheritance/Backup with Inheriti® ensures that private keys and information can safely and securely be passed to loved ones in the event of death/incapacitation by leveraging decentralized blockchain and various fail-safe mechanisms. The flexibility of Inheriti® means that it can also be used as a decentralized backup solution, perfect to either replace or supplement your existing backup plan.

Inheriti® makes certain that your information remains secure until absolutely necessary or otherwise desired.

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Take Your Legacy into Your Own Hands

Generational Wealth Starts with a Digital Inheritance Plan

Inheriti® is the world’s first and only digital inheritance platform which is 100% decentralized and has multiple patents active.

  • Ongoing independent audits
  • Cold Storage Option
  • 3-Layer Topology
  • No Subscription Fees
  • Simple Interface
  • Lifetime Validity
  • Multiple patents
  • 100% decentralized
  • No critical information is stored in databases
  • Highest standards of security
  • Make your assets inheritable
Visit the Inheriti® website

Inheriti® Key Features

Make assets inheritable

Protect digital assets and make them inheritable for your loved ones.


Make decentralized and distributed backups.

Multi-party funds

Create a multi-party owned fund or make group investments.

Professional use

Make important business information inheritable by business partners.

API integration

Integrate Inheriti® in your business model.

Inheriti® Future Features

Inheriti® Vault

Inheriti® Vault is a cloud alternative for SafeKey. Stakeholder shares will be stored in the cloud on secure Share Storage Nodes. This solution reduces our 3-layer topology to 2-layer.

Inheriti® Mobile

Inheriti® Mobile is a mobile application that will serve as a Mobile Share Solution where Verified Stakeholders will be able to claim shares stored on Inheriti® Vault, maintaining the 3-layer topology model.

Inheriti® Standard Edition (SE)

Inheriti® Standard Edition will be more focused on mass adoption offering more Wallet Solutions, next to Comet. Subscription plans and direct fiat payment solutions will be available, whilst maintaining SHA token utility.

Inheriti® Business Edition (BE)

Inheriti® - Business Edition will share all Standard Edition features and will be API based allowing third-party partners to employ Inheriti® within their business model.

Multiple blockchains

Currently, Inheriti® Community Edition (CE) Smart Contracts used for Dead Man Switches (DMS), validator shares, and price-manager deployments, are deployed on the public enterprise VechainThor Blockchain. VechainThor is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based and uses Proof of Authority (PoA) as the consensus mechanism. Inheriti® will support other public blockchains in the future too.

How does Inheriti® make use of $SHA?

  • Establish Inheritance Plan

    Deposit 10,000 $SHA to establish an Inheritance plan.

  • Community Pool

    40% of the $SHA paid for the inheritance plan (after fees) will go to the community pool to be used for utility rewards.

  • Token Burn

    10% of the $SHA paid for the inheritance plan (after fees) will be burned forever.

Safe Haven - SHA token utility
  • Blockchain/Smart Contract Fees

    A % of the $SHA paid for the inheritance plan will be used to pay the blockchain fees and establish an Inheriti® smart contract.

  • Company Pool

    50% of the $SHA paid for the inheritance plan (after fees) will go to the company pool for funding research and development.

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