Vision Statement - Safe Haven

Safe Haven’s Vision

To provide the most trusted financial toolbox for the digital economy.

Mission Statement

We ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to financial tools that cultivate an accessible, inclusive, and secure digital economy for everyone.

Losing digital assets is one of the biggest problems facing crypto today. Inheritance and backup solutions are growing in importance as the industry becomes mainstream and assets grow in valuation. Unfortunately, as the audience grows, it is more common to see individuals losing access to their digital assets through hacks, phishing attacks, loss of secret data, or premature departure by people or business owners.

Jurgen Schouppe and Andy Demeulemeester were very much aware of this issue during the earlier years of crypto and blockchain. At the time, Jurgen was working as a cybersecurity specialist for the EU parliament and Andy is a high-skilled senior full-stack developer for +15 years. Jurgen wanted to be certain that his digital assets would be passed on to his children in case something happened to him. Spurred by the “what if” question, Jurgen set forth to make it happen and brought Andy on board. With their combined expertise and vision to create a backup and inheritance solution accessible for everyone, they started Safe Haven in 2017.

Safe Haven has grown significantly since that time and is now supported by a team of professionals from both inside and outside of crypto, and across many different backgrounds. This diversity of thought was important as it helped bridge the gap between real life and the digital world. With the development of decentralized financial solutions, Safe Haven is confident that its solutions will empower you to safeguard your financial situation, without third-party intervention.