Trust Alliance Network (TAN) - Safe Haven

A Community of Trusted Legal Blockchain Professionals

Safe Haven’s Trust Alliance Network (TAN) is a group of legal professionals which will have been verified by Safe Haven and will be able to provide legal and notary expertise within specific geographic regions.

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People Are in Need of Legal Blockchain Advice

There Lacks an Accessible Network That Brings Individuals & Legal Professionals Together

There is currently a shortage of legal professionals that are able and willing to operate and engage with blockchain and emerging technologies in order to secure digital data and/or information on behalf of their clients.

The Trust Alliance Network (TAN) was developed with one goal in mind: to offer the entire crypto-sphere a legitimate hub for legal representatives to culminate relevant data pertaining to all things blockchain. A location in which the community could procure legal assistance when and if needed.

Professionals Ready to Engage with Digital Data Owners

A Recognized Network of Verified Legal Professionals & Notaries

The Trust Alliance Network provides a network of verified legal professionals and notaries, to help ensure the appropriate controls are in place to protect against premature release of encrypted data, within a digital inheritance plan via Inheriti.

Legal professionals will sign up on the TAN, provide their geographical region, legal credentials and areas of expertise. Inheriti users will be able to search through the network in efforts to identify a local and suitably qualified legal professional.

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