Ecosystem - Safe Haven


Inheriti® Live

World's first and only 100% decentralized inheritance platform, with multiple patents pending.

Live on vechain
SafeKey Live

SafeKey enables strong two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless authentication in conjunction with secure data share cold storage.

SafeSwap Live

Cross-chain bridge for atomic swaps of digital assets between different blockchains.

SafeID Live

Providing users a one-time registration to be used across all Safe Haven and SafeTech platforms.

FundRequest Live

A decentralized marketplace for open source collaboration.

Live on Ethereum
Comet 2.0 Live

Comet is a browser-based decentralized wallet, available for all VIP-180 (VeChain-based) tokens.

Public Beta
Trust Alliance Network (TAN) Planned

A Community of Trusted Legal Blockchain Professionals.

In Development
ThorBlock Planned

The first solution to create pools and collect funds on the VeChainThor Network.

Under Maintenance