Ecosystem - Safe Haven


Inheriti Live

World's first and only 100% decentralized inheritance platform, with multiple patents pending.

SafeID Live

Providing users a one-time registration to be used across all Safe Haven and SafeTech platforms.

SafeKey Live

SafeKey enables strong two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless authentication in conjunction with secure data share cold storage.

Trust Alliance Network (TAN) Live

A Community of Trusted Legal Blockchain Professionals.

Awaiting Operational Deployment
ThorBlock Live

The first solution to create pools and collect funds on the VeChainThor Network.

ThorPay Live

Manage your payments within one platform. Create, send, or automate professional (mass) payments.

FundRequest Coming soon

A decentralized marketplace for open source collaboration.

Comet Wallet Live

Comet is a browser-based decentralized wallet, available for all VIP-180 (VeChain-based) tokens.

MySafeWallet Live

Open-source, browser based wallet for storing, sending and receiving cryptocurrencies on the VeChainThor blockchain.