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All Eyes On Inheriti

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Inheriti is coming, make no mistake. We are closing in on what will be the culmination of years of dedicated work, brainstorming, legal review, global filings, implementation, integration, and development. All of it would have no value if it was not for our dedicated community, we thank you all. Prior to the release and beyond, we will be pushing informative outreach initiatives while engaging with our community. It is our hope and expectation that we will be able to excite our core base, while forging new relationships with those who see the need for a true blockchain inheritance solution.

First, an update…

As many of you know, all development resources have effectively been swung to Inheriti and they will continue to be, moving forward. The beta-testing of Inheriti was extremely successful. Stores of information on the SafeKey are effectively hashed, encrypted, decrypted, and merged. Essentially, this means that both the concept of Inheriti and functionality on the backend meet. The SSDP is a success and affords the safe transfer of information to multiple parties.

We have shown a few screenshots of Inheriti’s front-end; it maintains a simple, yet informative layout to ensure usability. Though the back-end of Inheriti is complex, the front-end must be confident in the display of information and require only a ‘few clicks’ to establish the desired plan. Currently, we are optimizing the user-experience. This will be crucial to the effective marketing of Inheriti to both the public and corporate entities. As one would expect, Inheriti will continue to undergo process improvement.

Circling back to outreach initiatives…

We wanted to announce this first to allow for the community members to strategically approach this event, should they choose. Safe Haven will be holding a randomized lottery for seven (7) weeks. The effort will be specific to Safe Haven holders, see below:

Start Date: July 24, 2020 (First Drawing)

End Date: September 4, 2020 (Last Drawing)

20 addresses will be pulled at random every Friday throughout this campaign.* Wallet addresses that are selected will receive a SHA token distribution according to the level of Safe Haven held within the wallet.

* It will be possible for a single address to be pulled more than once.


Wallet Amount | | Distribution Amount

10K — <100K SHA / 500 SHA

100K — <500K SHA / 1K SHA

500K — <2.5M SHA / 4K SHA

2.5M — <10M SHA / 20K SHA

10M+ SHA / 75K SHA

There will be a total of 120 distributions, throughout this period [six weeks]. One (1) address from the above winning pool will be picked at random for the final [seventh] distribution of 1,000,000 SHA.

It is our dedicated holders that continue to maintain an incredible impact on how far word travels regarding Safe Haven and our solutions. Now more than ever, we will need those members of our community to outwardly show support for Inheriti and make others aware of how important digital inheritance is/will be for the blockchain community.

The community can expect multiple outreach initiatives [marketing] throughout the coming weeks. Not all will be community-appreciation/token focused; however, we wanted to start with a bit of fun for those true to the project. Other initiatives may include, but not be limited to: AMAs, articles, public releases, interviews, etc…

We ask that you continue to stay tuned to our channels; continue to ask difficult questions; continue to enlighten the space of what Safe Haven has to offer. Be well.

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