Announcing HM Capital a Partner and Investor - Safe Haven

Announcing HM Capital a Partner and Investor

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HM stands for Hive Mind — a network of disparate nodes all contributing to a collective intelligence far superior to the sum of its parts. HM Capital is an investment group specialising in early stage blockchain companies. With years of experience as battle-hardened enthusiasts in the space they represent a formidable mixture of traditional and non-traditional investors. Some of them come from traditional finance backgrounds, others are programmers. It’s this mixture of market savvy, technical know-how and focused creativity that makes them unique in this space.

Why HM Capital?

They believe in the power of collective intelligence and have gathered together something we share in our Trust Alliance Network (TAN). They boast a diverse and powerful blend of talent from the blockchain industry. HM are programmers, developers, marketers, filmmakers, researchers, analysts, traditional VC’s and traders. It’s this eclecticism that makes them who they are.

HM Capital has spent years ‘in the trenches’ of the cryptocurrency space, working their way through Reddit, Telegram, Discord and Slack in search of the “best” intelligence and the most ground-breaking projects. This grass roots experience has given them a wealth of crypto street smarts, a unique perspective on investing, and the ability to easily communicate with their target audiences. They also collected a powerful extended family of projects, groups, funds and influencers who play a key role in the HiveMind Network. As a result of there grassroots work they are early investors in both Safe Haven and VeChain.

To put it simply, they know this space. They understand this space. They love this space.

As early stage investors they can help us test ideas in a friendly forum, or conduct searching focus group. They can help us craft a message that cuts through, they can create an animation or a film. They can seed our content to a network or stress test our ICO strategy. Most importantly, they will take the time to get to know our project. To them this isn’t an opportunity to buy tokens, this is an opportunity to have an active role building an ecosystem they see a desperate need for.

Value Added to Safe Haven:

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have captured the world’s imagination, enjoying an unprecedented surge of interest and investment to rival the dotcom boom. In 2018 alone 6 billion dollars has been raised by over 900 new projects. The battle for attention has never been so hard-fought, placing serious demands on marketing and communications departments. This is an emerging space where the rules of engagement have yet to be defined. Agencies with genuine blockchain knowledge and experience are few and far between, while traditional marketing agencies seemingly waste money with no clear results offered given the drastic differentiation between markets.

Video is a hugely important early access point for investors to research and discover projects. Whether through YouTube influencers, teasers, memes or explainer films. Video can be informative and it can be emotive. Its greatest asset is that it can be both. Blockchain is a highly emotional space and story is its fuel. The opportunity to build long lasting connections to projects through powerful video is one that has been under-exploited.

Wenneker BC is a new boutique film company, and a founding partner in HM Capital, specialising in blockchain and cryptocurrency and is the first major pillar of HiveMind Capital’s strategic partnership program providing proven production expertise to Hiveminds VC investments. Wenneker BC is a part of the Wenneker Group, founded by Maurice Wenneker, with over ten years experience delivering films for blue chip technology companies such as Philips, Shell and Omega Pharma actively serving as a key member of HM Capital.

This partnership not only offers us early investors, but strategic partners that can help us craft messages to attract users of both the TAN and the SafeHaven Platform. Their expertise helps position SafeHaven to be the global leader in crypto asset management and inheritance. HM Capital and Wenneker BC will dedicate themself in making explainer movies about the Safe Haven Foundation and solutions as part of this partnership.

Our private sale is still open. If you are interested in becoming one of our strategic partners, please send us an email at [email protected]!

Stay tuned for further announcements!

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