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Announcing Safe Haven Token Generation Event!

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We are happy to finally announce the Safe Haven token sale and new whitepaper on VET. We will open the KYC whitelist for the Private Round, the VeChain round and the public round on June 23, and the private sale will commence on June 25.

As a VeChain Foundation officially-backed New Token Issuance, Safe Haven has pledged to raise the entire amount of token sale funds in VET. Furthermore, Safe Haven intends to hold all VET raised throughout the project, and only utilize VET for funding in the event all other financial resources are exhausted.

All ratios on the pictures are assumed prior to the VET 1:100 split at main-net launch. All distributed tokens will be created on the VeChainThor Blockchain and distributed after the main-net launch and crowdsale. A summary of important details regarding the sale can be found below:

VET and SHA numbers are pre-split.

Round 1: Private Round

The Private Round will be primarily for strategic partners and funds that will be able to offer a long term benefit to Safe Haven and its community. If you believe you can offer value to Safe Haven and would like to be a part of this round, we encourage you to contact us at [email protected].

All Private Round members will participate in a token lockup program, with the bonus locked for 6 months after the Token Generation Event. Participants in the Private Round will not be able to utilize a discount higher than 25% unless providing immense strategic value.

The Private Round will be conducted via mail correspondence. Members from Singapore are restricted to participate in the Private Round with an exception to be made for accredited investors. If you live in one of these prohibited areas but are an accredited investor please contact us and we will reply with the additional steps that need to be taken before you are allowed to obtain SHA tokens.

Once you are approved to obtain SHA tokens, we will reply with an VET wallet where the VET must be sent to. Only VET is accepted. To confirm that the VET is received we will mail you a letter of receipt and the number of SHA tokens reserved. Upon release, after the main-net release, you will be able to change the receiving address in your account into a VET wallet. SHA tokens will be sent to the VET address you registered in your personal account on

VET and SHA numbers are pre-split.


VeChain Community Round

The VeChain Community Round is dedicated to VeChain X-Node holders and other holders of VET. Safe Haven pledges, through the facilitation of the VeChain Foundation, to provide VeChain X-Node holders with access to exclusive tiers of discounts and rights of purchase.

The VeChain Community X-Node Round also includes the general VET holders (min of 10,000 VET in wallet). However, X-Node holders are offered discounts and will have a first opportunity to obtain SHA tokens, while other holders will be allowed to participate in this Round as long as there are allocations still available in the VeChain Community pool.

The starting date for the KYC/Whitelisting process for the VeChain Community Round will start at the same time the KYC for the private sale starts. Safe Haven will ensure that all KYC information gathered during this TGE are stored securely.

X-Nodes will only be recognized by their holding at the time of the VeChain Foundation designated lock period (no maturity period is recognized). In addition, Safe Haven will verify the X-Node holders status and identity by cross referencing with the VeChain Foundation’s own database.

The VeChain Community Round purchasing limits are as follows:

  • VeChain X-Node holders: Minimum 10,000 VET — Maximum 3,000,000 VET (Per KYC)
  • Economic Nodes and other VET holders: Minimum 30,000 VET — Maximum 300,000 VET (Per KYC)

VET and SHA numbers are pre-split.


In the event that whitelisted VeChain Community Sale participants request to provide funds in total that eclipses the predetermined amount, VeChain Community Round participants will be able to continuously pull from the Public Round pool until the completion of the token sale.

Authority and Mjölnir X members will enjoy the greatest discount and will therefore participate in a required SHA token lockup program, with their bonus locked for 6 months after the Token Generation Event.

There is no lock up for Thunder X, Strength X, VeThor X, Economic Node and other VET holders.

VET and SHA numbers are pre-split.


Public Round

The Public Round will begin as soon as the VeChain Community Round concludes. The Public Round will only accept VET tokens. There will be no discounts offered during the Public Round.

There is no lockup for the public round.

KYC is required for the Public Round. The KYC process will begin on Saturday, June 23.

The Public Round purchasing limits are as follows:

  • All participants: Minimum 10,000 VET — Maximum 200,000 VET (Per KYC)

VET and SHA numbers are pre-split.


Special Round

Safe Haven might hold a Special Auction Round in December for which 5% of tokens have been reserved. However, this round will be held under the discretion of the management and will only be conducted when the hard cap has not been reached or when additional funds are deemed necessary.

Total Token Offering

39,5% of the tokens are available for offering or 3,361,180,681.263 SHA.

5% of the total token supply will be sold in the initial Token Generation Event for $1,50M USD.

5% of the total token supply will be sold in a special Auction raise in December for a total of 425,000,000 SHA or $2,993,004.782.

Community and Media

10% of the token supply will be used to reward our most dedicated community members for various contributions to the project.

Advisors and Partners

10% of the token supply is to be used as incentives alignment mechanism for strategic partners, influencers and advisors.

Enterprise and Title Partners

20% of the token supply will be used for enterprise and title partners that we sign onto to the Safe Haven Platform. These partnerships will help to accelerate the platform forward.

Team and Founders

10% of the token supply is reserved for the core contributors. These tokens will be distributed based on a merit system and at the discretion of the foundation.

Reserve for Development

10.5% of the token supply will be reserved for future development of the Safe Haven platform.

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