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Dine with Dujardin

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“It has been a long while since we have had some direct contact with the community.” — Logino Dujardin

Getting the opportunity to meet our community is nothing short of awesome. We hope that in the very near future we are afforded more opportunities to interact directly. We believe we are progressing into a stage that will offer more avenues for local meet-ups and give the team a chance to build relationships. With such scope in mind, CEO Logino Dujardin will be hosting an event for three lucky community members.

The event will occur at some point within Q1 2020. This is taking into consideration that we will have to coordinate with others to find a date/time that works for them. We will need to allow for some flexibility. Those who have been selected by Safe Haven to attend the gathering, will have filled out the linked:

Dine with Dujardin Submission Form

The form will identify why the individual feels it is important to sit down with Logino.

There is an obvious flaw in that, not everyone is local to Belgium. This likely means that this event is only available to the immediate locality (or however far someone is willing to travel). With this in mind, we wanted to allow for some community camaraderie and would like to suggest a few possibilities for those interested and then selected:

  • Ask the community to send you questions prior
  • Feel free to take notes while sitting with Logino
  • Provide the community with minute-by-minute Twitter updates
  • Send pictures to the community Telegram

We invite all selected to utilize our channels as a means to involve the community. We believe despite the centralization, the community can find ways to decentralize the experience; and we hope that it occurs.

The submission form will be available until January 1, 2020. Contact will be made with those selected shortly thereafter, to ensure adequate time is afforded to make arrangements. We hope to see a lot of participation from those close to this event. As always, thank you for your continued dedication.

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