How to participate in the Safe Haven TGE? Here is the step by step guide for our most exciting event! - Safe Haven

How to participate in the Safe Haven TGE? Here is the step by step guide for our most exciting event!

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The Safe Haven Token Generation Event (TGE) for the VeChain community begins at 22:00 UTC+8 on October 8th, 2018. We have established several campaigns for our TGE:

  1. Authority and Mjolnir Round
  2. X-Node Round
  3. Economic Round
  4. Other VET holders
  5. Public Round

However, X-Node holders are offered discounts and will have a first opportunity to obtain SHA tokens, while other holders will be allowed to participate in their round as long as there are allocations still available in the VeChain Community pool.

Participating in a Token Generation Event can be quite confusing and stressful if you are looking forward to purchase the token you want for a very long time and you know the spots will be filled up very fast. At Safe Haven we created a step by step guide so you can prepare yourself for D-day:

The process consists of 4 steps in which you will be carefully guided:

  1. Register an account on and wait for verification confirmation. It is very important to register your node wallet address in your account, so we can allocate you the bonus confirm your node status.

2. After you pass the Identity Verification (KYC Process), you will be able to login to your account and click the “contribute in the community sale” button.

3. Choose the round you are participating in confirm your node status. Please respect the rounds and do not participate if the round is not for you. Your transaction will be send back to your wallet.

4. The contribution address will be visible in your account (Only if your KYC is approved). Make the contribution with your registered (node) address and register the VET amount and TXID from your transaction by filling in the boxes and press the SUBMIT button.

5. After you finish previous steps, your contribution is registered. It can take up to 24hrs before your status changes from under review to confirmed. SHA will be distributed to your VET wallet 14 days after the TGE completion.

Can I still participate in the Safe Haven TGE if I’m not yet whitelisted?

Yes, you can. Our whitelist procedure is open during the sale. For those of you who did not register for the whitelist (including X Node holders) but still want to participate in the Token Generation Event, you can register an account on and after you pass the Identity Verification, you will be able to participate in the Safe Haven TGE! Please make sure you have completed the Identity Verification for your account and you have enough VET in your wallet.

Please send the VET in your wallet in advance so you can make the contribution smoothly.

Looking forward to your participation!

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