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Inheriti: Supporting the Digital World With Impeccable Inheritance Plans and Backup Solutions

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Inheriti is the latest addition to the ever-expanding solutions from Safe Haven. They are revolutionizing the digital space by providing a secure and patented, inheritance and backup solutions.

Blockchain technology-created cryptocurrencies are emerging as prominent digital assets. Currently, there are 120 million active crypto-investors in the world and these numbers spike up every hour. It is crucial to ensure security and protect the future, with an unparalleled plan.

As individuals extensively acquire these digital assets, they should have a robust plan in place that passes down their financial and digital wealth to the people they trust and love. To achieve this, they need a service that understands their needs and provides solutions that address the same.

Safe Haven merges the safety and future of digital assets with financial asset management and the unparalleled security, embedded within the Inheriti protocols. It is an all-encompassing solution that provides customized backup and inheritance plans that are in alignment with the highest safety protocols. Here are some of the features that this new tech product boasts:

Data Storage

The expansive technology of Inheriti allows it to store data of multiple wallets and information relating to the user. The user can save up to 500 characters within each designated plan and feel confident their data is not within the scope of any breach.

Safe Haven employs various practices and codes of conduct to emphasize transparency. Third-party cybersecurity services have concluded multiple audits on Inheriti. On all levels, the solution has been found to be constructed of quality code and thoughtful execution for user-security. Ongoing bug-bounty programs are established to continue the integrity-wellness of user-data.

Inheriti is not a limited service and it is evident users can utilize the solution for many forms of data. This allows to securely protect any string of data that users may deem important or holds substantial information regarding digital identity.

A Lifetime of Protection

The users’ inheritance and backup plans are enforced by the deployment of SHA tokens. In order to use Inheriti, users need at least 10,000 SHA tokens in their digital wallets and SafeKey devices deemed appropriate to their plan. Currently, the Community Edition of Inheriti offers a one-time service payment that does not impose any additional fees and remains active until the plan is initiated.

The platform uses authentic cryptography and a private patent-pending protocol to add an extra layer of security to users’ digital belonging. It is also known as “Secret Sharing Distribution Protocol” (SSDP) which is also the central serving trait of Inheriti.

Secured With The Expertise Of Lawyers

A death certificate plays a pivotal role in the process of initiating any inheritance plan. As such, lawyers and legal professionals can also be placed amidst this chain to ensure proper data retrieval and the creation of necessary certificates. Legal authorities can ensure there is no faulty exchange and every formality is adhered to with the law.

Final Thoughts

Inheriti is the modern digital product that is the need of the hour. As the world divulges into this digital space, it is important that a foundational balance is maintained and Inheriti is just the product that will onset a wave of reforms in the inheritance, backup plans, and asset management market.

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