Introducing Safe Haven Merchandise Store. Help Raise Awareness and Look Good Doing It - Safe Haven

Introducing Safe Haven Merchandise Store. Help Raise Awareness and Look Good Doing It

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Our community is important. We say it openly and within our intra-organizational conversations. We have established special programs and opportunities for those within our community who wish to volunteer or take a more dedicated approach. We know that as Safe Haven grows, so too will our presence within the space. As the blockchain marketspace grows, so too will projects born of its technology become more common-tongue. An important aspect of this market at-large is ‘brand recognition’, especially at local events held by those interested in the technology. And, everyone wants to represent their favorite projects.

Whether you want to wear it at home or rock it to a local blockchain event, we present: The Safe Haven Merchandise Store

The store was established with the community in mind, as we wanted to ensure a few things:

  • Quality, in that we wanted people to feel confident with their merchandise
  • Affordability, in that we thought about ourselves as a consumer of products and what we would feel was fair value
  • Comfort, in your Safe Haven swag

We are at the very beginning of what will be offered and look forward to any particular feedback the community would like to submit.

To present to you the efficiency of a true merchandiser, we have partnered with a well-regarded customer support element which will ensure all transactions are pleasant and any concerns will be immediately addressed.

To celebrate the opening of the store, all items are currently 10% off. Please use the code: SantaLogino10% at checkout to redeem the sale price. The discount code will no longer be redeemable after midnight on December 25, 2019.

The Safe Haven Merchandise Shop will always donate 5% of all profits to charity. This will be done so via charities that are held on ThorBlock and sponsored through COVE. Monthly distributions will occur to ongoing charity raises. If a charity raise is not active, donation funds will be held until one is active.

It is our hope that we run into a few of you ‘representing’ Safe Haven!

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