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Make Money with Safe Haven’s Ambassador Programs

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Safe Haven recognizes the power of community engagement and outreach. To actively involve the community in promoting our services and expanding our network, we have developed a range of Ambassador Programs. By participating in these programs, individuals can earn rewards while raising awareness about the potential of our products. Regardless of whether you hold SHA tokens or not, we extend an open invitation to all to partake in these programs.

Referral Links to Inheriti®

The first Ambassador Program offered by Safe Haven is the Inheriti® Referral Program. Inheriti® is a decentralized solution for backup and transfer of access data to cryptocurrencies, NFTs, business and social media accounts, intellectual property, and other (digitized) information. The referral program invites individuals and projects to participate by adding an Inheriti® referral link to their website, dApp, or tool, which allows visitors to easily access and create an Inheriti® plan. For every plan established through the referral link, you receive a 5% commission.

If you’re interested in joining the Inheriti® Referral Program, you can easily get in touch with Safe Haven through the contact form on the website. Simply visit Safe Haven Contact and provide your details.

Commission on Selling SafeKeys

The second Ambassador Program is the SafeKey Affiliate Program. SafeKey is a state-of-the-art U2F hardware device that effectively heightens protection by incorporating an additional layer of universal two-factor authentication (2FA). The cold storage device also stores Inheriti® plan’s shares, guaranteeing their protection from unauthorized access and manipulation.

You can maximize your business potential by partnering with us. Whether you are a webshop, influencer, content creator, or any other type of business, you can promote SafeKeys and earn a lucrative 10% commission on all sales generated through your affiliate link.

More information about the SafeKey Affiliate Program and exploring possible partnerships can be found at SafeKey Partner.

Rewards for Token Listings on SafeSwap

Last but not least, the SafeSwap Commission Program. SafeSwap is a decentralized atomic bridge to transfer native tokens between EVM-based chains. If you have any suggestions for projects that want to make use of SafeSwap and list their token, then this program is a chance to monetize this knowledge.

Just ensure the project meets the following requirements before submitting:

  • The project has their native token on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Base, Optimism or vechain
  • The project considers/aims to achieve cross-chain functionality for their native token.
  • The project is not currently listed on SafeSwap and the project owners are not in contact with our team already.

You can participate in the program by completing the registration form available at SafeSwap Commission Program. For each suggested token listing that results in a paid listing, you will receive a reward starting at 300 USDT.

Other Partnership Options

In addition to being standalone options, Inheriti® and SafeSwap can be integrated into projects’ platforms using APIs or as a Whitelabel solution. This allows for seamless integration, offering full customization and branding capabilities. Similarly, SafeKey also offers a reseller and Whitelabel option. As a reseller, you can earn commissions on each SafeKey sold, and the Whitelabel option provides the opportunity to brand SafeKey as your own.

If you are interested in participating in any of the Ambassador Programs, simply visit the provided links to access more information. If you want to know more about our other partnership option, get in touch with our team at Safe Haven Contact.

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