Nitrokey - Safe Haven


Why Nitrokey?

Nitrokey’s mission is to make data security and digital identity accessible to everyone, regardless of technical knowledge. They provide easy-to-use, secure solutions for individuals, businesses, and governments.

With a mission to comprehensively secure one’s digital life, NitroKey’s values align with Safe Haven’s, strategically and in vision. The quality of their product and depth of their partner-portfolio, speaks volume to their products and development history.

What does working with Nitrokey mean for Safe Haven?

Safe Haven collaborates with NitroKey to combine our in-house developed custom firmware with NitroKey’s high quality hardware solution, coming together in a unique cold-storage hardware device SafeKey.

SafeKey is the only device to support both universal Two Factor Authentication (2FA), and has the ability to store shares of our backup and inheritance solution Inheriti®. Whitelisted third parties can also make use of het custom storage possibility of SafeKey.