VerseX - Safe Haven

Why VerseX?

VerseX values safety highly and provides a secure environment for users to share their NFT creations without fear of data theft or abuse. VerseX wants to be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget or technical ability. All this is in line with Safe Haven’s vision of the importance of safety and accessibility.

What does working with VerseX mean for Safe Haven?

Safe Haven partnered with VerseX in order to provide holders with a secure and reliable way to backup and transfer the access to their NFTs with a Inheriti® plan. They encourage clients to protect their assets by rewarding them with an NFT that enables unique features and perks.

The “Information Center” within their metaverse will enable users to learn about cryptocurrency and NFT projects. Safe Haven’s product suite will be promoted, and all clients will be able to utilize Safe Haven’s DeFi product protocols inside the metaverse.