World of V - Safe Haven

World of V

Why World of V?

World of V is committed to enhancing security and sustainability for its marketplace – along with the metaverse and gaming ecosystems of all supported NFT projects. Safe Haven can ensure that gamers and collectors can protect their NFTs, $WOV tokens and other tokens, by offering decentralised inheritance or personal backup plan, Inheriti®.

What does working with World of V mean for Safe Haven?

World of V and Safe Haven collaborate in several ways: an Inheriti® referral link, the ability to buy on the marketplace with $SHA, Safe Haven Ambassador NFT minting page, and a minting page for the Shamanic Oracles NFT Collection. Future collaboration is being planned, there is a lot of synergy that can be created.

Any interested artists curating NFT collections on World of V, can reach out to Safe Haven for establishing a direct referral link on their website/platform.