Recap: Ask Me Anything with CEO Logino Dujardin on 06 March 2020. - Safe Haven

Recap: Ask Me Anything with CEO Logino Dujardin on 06 March 2020.

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1. SafeKey beta testing is almost over. Any plans for aggressive marketing before the official release?

SafeKey works on several platforms like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc. We are contacting organizations on a daily basis to pitch SafeKey or/and work on a joined marketing strategy. Recently, we announced one with DGB that we will launch once they set up 2FA on their infrastructure. We have been talking to KBC bank in Belgium to offer SafeKey to their customers for their mobile banking. They stated to be very interested but are waiting on the NFC version since they are all-in on mobile. We have a few network companies that are interested in offering SafeKey to their clients. We pitched SafeKey to Google since they are working hard on 2FA. SafeKey is not just a U2F hardware key or a copy from NitroKey like some people are stating on Twitter. Currently there is no device on the market that combines U2F with storage. This is unique.

2. How are beta tests going and when can people start using your solution?

BETA testing is going really well. Once we complete the tests, we will focus on user experience, design, etc. Currently, there is no timeline on this. Once we have more news about the public release, we will share all the details on our official mediums.

3. Could you give some more insight about partnerships?

The partners we have now are Digibyte, Harmony and VeChain who will support Inheriti. At the moment we are also speaking with two others (one of them a top 20 on CMC). These chains made contact with us since they have seen the progress we made in the past 24 months. I can not give names at the moment until the conversations are finished.

4. Can you share a rough date when to expect the NFC version of SafeKey? I’m very interested in that mobile banking use case!

The new NFC version is expected for Q2, but I prefer to market the SafeKey we have right now before we start developing a new one.

5. With the team being small and with a small business not having unlimited resources, how do we get from beta to retail version from a UX standpoint in terms of development and costs to build out a sweet front end? Has there been any VC involved or will there be?

The new chain (top 20) that offered us a partnership has also offered us support in marketing and financial terms. They are willing to finance all the costs left to market Inheriti to the public. There are several options on the table. SafeTech (the tech company behind Safe Haven) and Safe Haven is still 100% owned by the founders. We did not sell any equity in the VC round compared to some others in the space. This is our strength for the future.

6. When can we expect node holder rewards?

With BOOST, the first rewards have already been distributed. The utility rewards will come when the products are up and running for the mass public.

7. Will VeChain also support inheriti in their wallets? Could you give a time table of when talks will finish?

VeChain is our main chain today, so we hope they will support Inheriti. Remember that you can encrypt anything with Inheriti. It’s not specifically chain-related.

8. Are there any offline events like meetups, etc. planned?

Yes. We are planning several meetups later this year. Currently, the focus is on releasing our flagship product (Inheriti). It would be cool to have a live release on an event right?

9. Regarding the top 20 coin that is interested… I assume with all they are offering, they want you on their chain as well as the main chain. Logically speaking, that seems like 1 + 1 = 2. Is that a fair statement?

That’s a fair statement.

10. Cross-chain integration to ONE is supposed to be ready by the end of Q1. Are there any updates on this?

We and ONE had some delays in our development roadmap. After the beta tests on VeChain are complete, we will look into Harmony and work with their technical team on how we can integrate their chain.

11. How was your trip to UAE? How was it SHA related?

My trip to the UAE was good. I had the chance to pitch SHA to several interested parties (VCs, asset management companies, etc). I am planning a trip back to the UAE very soon to continue these conversations.

12. Is there updated information on the Ambassador program? What are the expectations of the SHA community for the program’s success?

We will start onboarding people for the Ambassador program very soon. The Ambassador program is for the community to spread the word about SHA in their country. You can compare it to the Binance angels.

13. I remember Safe Haven applied for a Binance listing a year ago. Is that still in process or has it been cancelled?

That process is still ongoing.

14. Is there an updated roadmap?

No. In 2019, the team suffered a lot on outlined roadmaps. Building a startup can not be outlined because you face challenges everyday and need to adapt when necessary. We decided to not release another roadmap and launch our solutions when ready. We have seen people speculating on these roadmaps and blame the team when something goes wrong.

15. How many employees does Safe Haven currently have?

Currently, there are eight working with SHA on a daily basis.

16. So there’s 8 people working for SHA. Are they all located in Belgium or do they also operate from Singapore, as that is where the main office is located?

Our team is fully decentralized. US, Belgium, and Singapore.

17. Can you explain in more depth how the decimal works once the supply gets to the point where decimals come into play? What happens when all tokens get locked up?

Having all SHA locked up would be amazing but I don’t see that happening. What we mean with decimals is this: for example using Inheriti costs 3 USD/month. This could be 1000 SHA today but 0.50 SHA in the next 5 years. This is an example and no financial statement or opinion.

18. Are there any plans for SHA to have a focus on the real estate industry from acquisitions to passing on inheritance, and also the structure of the deal and funding using ThorPay smart contracts, etc?

Not at this moment.

19. Were you already able to pitch ThorPay to interested parties or is it too early for that?

Yes, we already pitched ThorPay to several companies last year. Once the solution is on the market, we will see those companies onboarding. ThorPay is now only working with VIP tokens. A Dapp can only be as successful as the support it gets from the chain it’s building on. So we basically need companies who are active on VeChain or working with VeChain.

20. What is your opinion on the almost 70% of the total supply being locked in nodes? Those are insane numbers, which of course makes the market less liquid. The number keeps growing rapidly… is this a good thing in your opinion?

It shows the continued support from the community. Our team is interested in these numbers when Jeremy releases his weekly updates because it gives us a boost. Of course, we are aware of the impact those numbers can have once SHA sees more liquidity on other platforms. This will be a concern for us when that time comes and I am sure we will find a solution.

21. How long does it usually take for a pending patent application to go through? Will your application be accepted this year?

Normally 18 months but that depends on many factors. We hope to see them released this year. With the patents being filed, we are protected so there is no rush.

22. How is your relationship with the CEO of VeChain? Do you guys meet and talk on a regular basis?

Sunny and I talk on WeChat when necessary. Safe Haven was the first Dapp on VeChain, so it’s normal we had more conversations a year ago compared to today.

23. What more do you think needs to be completed before you can approach life insurance companies to offer inheritance to their customers?

We have already approached inheritance/insurance companies. Of course, after beta and having a fully functional product will benefit these conversations. People want to see how it works and now we will be able to show that to them.

24. With other platforms, you mean exchanges or something else? Is there a reach out to more exchanges to get more liquidity? Because now, with no offence to the other exchanges, we only have OCE?

I mean liquidity platforms, yes. Currently we have OceanEx, LAToken and Bitrue.

25. Has there been a lot of positive feedback from VeChain after acquiring Comet and CometVerse? For example, we saw Kevin Feng being glad for “bringing them back.” It certainly is a great move with regards to the VeChain ecosystem.

As far as I know, Kevin and Dimitris have been the only ones. We had no feedback from VeChain, Sunny or anyone else. Bringing Comet back was just another move we did to benefit the entire ecosystem. Many Dapps have Comet integrated and faced issues after it was gone.

26. Since SafeHaven is partnered with VeChain, does it make sense to pitch to enterprises or companies that are partnered with VeChain or DNVGL first? Is that a priority of your approach?

That’s indeed a priority and something Sunny promised when he visited our office in Brussels. ThorPay, for example, can be used by many of them.

27. How does the burning of tokens mechanism work for SHA?

We have several solutions where SHA is used as gas, burned or allocated to the node pool. There are detailed docs available that cover this.

28. Does SHA have upcoming plans to add more trading pairs or is there a strategy for just trading with BTC and VET to encourage holding?

If it was up to me, the only pair would be SHA/BTC on all platforms. Of course, we consider the needs of the community and will always keep that in mind.

29. Can we expect to get at least one new exchange listing of SHA in 2020?

Harmony Dex was already announced for this year, so yes. 🙂

30. Would you also be interested in getting listed on the upcoming Dex by blockdx?

I am not aware of blockdx. You can always forward the information to one of our admins and we can look into it.

31. Are you guys strategically prepared for the bull run we are in right now? Chart TA shows that this bull run will last until Nov. 2021. The timing of doing announcements is of utmost importance. I hope that announcing new partners / clients and getting listed on the big exchanges will be during this timeframe. Maybe Sunny Lu can help you get listed on Binance at the “right” time as I heard he and CZ are good friends.

We have never been focussed on price/bullruns/TA or anything else. All I can say is that we used the last two years to keep building where others failed. At the end of the day, quality will always outperform quantity and hard work will always pay off.

32. What are your thoughts on targeting a partnership with provides credit cards to spend crypto right? We haven’t made contact with them yet but if we think they could be a good partner for Safe Haven, we will try to reach them. Thank you for the heads up.

33. The DGB integration is scheduled for Q4 2020. Is it fair to assume that every new integration will need about six months?

We stated six months to give the tech department enough time to finish the current developments and look into Digibyte as a future development. Every chain has its own features, smart contracts, etc. so taking the time to study those is a must.

34. I think you guys were planning a business trip to the USA? Has this already taken place? If so, any outcomes you can share?

This is scheduled for around June since the partners we want to meet there are busy right now. We are also planning a meetup during that time to meet the US people from our community when we get there.

35. Do you plan to expand to South Korea since they now allow Crypto? There are some projects that could be interesting for SafeHaven.

Of course. Our goal is to reach as many communities/countries as we can. To achieve this, the SHA Ambassador program will play a crucial role.

36. Is the new chain still in development? Do they want to integrate SHA from scratch or do they already have a working product?

They are active and have several working products.

37. Is there any news regarding the meeting with Chainlink and Ngrave that you can share at this point?

From Jurgen:

Concerning NGRAVE//Chainlink:

NGRAVE-DMS proposal: Yes, we believe this could interfere with our current patent filings, that’s why we have forwarded it to our legal patent lawyers. So we will monitor this matter closely and will act on it when the time is right. You can’t use a patent to stop another company’s activities, besides notifying them of the pending application and ask them to stop now before the patent issues. No sense in them spending time and money now on a product that will eventually infringe our pending application once it issues. So this is what we did personally when I talked to the CEO of NGRAVE at the Brussels meet-up.

Chainlink partnership: As of today, no actual agreement has been established, and this is for several reasons. As they work with decentralized oracles, the input for, for instance having a death certificate has to come from several sources as well. So basically they will end-up in dealing with the same “issues“ as we do before we came up with our TAN. It’s already extremely difficult, as a non-legal oriented organization, to obtain information about someone’s “dead status” … and if there would be one… well, then a decentralized oracle does not make much sense as multiple are needed, right? Obtaining off-chain information like those we need can’t be compared to a token value on CMC for instance. Anyway, we believe that our approach is for the moment more promising and if that would change, we would certainly try to figure out a way to work with Chainlink if they actually had a better solution than ours (for that specific use case).

38. Are you still working on the financial report? If yes, when can we expect it? I think a lot of people want to know if the team has enough money…. related to the sale of tokens.

Yes, I am. It’s not on my priority list but I will try to release it as soon as possible. About having enough money, we have enough to finish all the current developments. Like Ii mentioned before, Safe Haven and SafeTech (our tech company behind Safe Haven) is still 100% owned by the founders. So we have equity for VCs to raise funds if necessary.

39. How much time do you predict it would take Safe Haven to get into the minds of the average crypto community as the go-to inheritance platform?

After the launch of the community edition and once we start marketing, 3–6 months. If we can make an agreement with the new chain/partner, 1–3 months.

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