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Safe Haven and Global Funeral Care Announce Strategic Partnership

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Today, we announce a strategic partnership that operates within two intertwined market spaces. More often than not, inheritance and end-term planning go hand-in-hand when responsibly preparing for the future. We understand the necessity for offering blockchain solutions for the personal planning industry at large. We believe that as the blockchain space advances, innovative solutions will make these markets extremely competitive. It is for these reasons that we have agreed to a cross-chain partnership that will benefit the common market space. The strategic partnership also affords both organizations with a first-mover advantage in a maturing market.

Safe Haven would like to warmly introduce Global Funeral Care to the personal planning and blockchain space. Below you will find a brief introduction for Global Funeral Care and some important links.

Global Funeral Care is a soft infrastructure that plays a key role in the advancement of knowledge and technology, and helps to create economically productive relationships between organizations that operate in the death care industry globally. Part of this infrastructure is a blockchain-based platform where customers can (pre)-plan fully customizable funerals, compare funeral home prices, and read trusted reviews. The main advantage of the platform is that the total funeral costs will be much more transparent for customers due to competitive market prices and the ability to select services from multiple providers. Customers can decide which specific services they want to order instead of buying goods and services they do not desire. By passing the intermediaries and solely dealing with the service providers themselves, customers will save on their total funeral costs.

Safe Haven and Global Funeral Care met in Brussels on June 7, 2019, at Safe Haven’s European office. There, technical and planning discussions were held that will benefit both organizations within the blockchain and shared market space. Both teams exhibited dedication to their respective communities by ensuring all propositions were fair and equitable, and how they would affect the individual.

Global Funeral Care will offer a special opportunity to obtain their project token utilizing Safe Haven’s ThorBlock pooling solution. VeChain and Safe Haven communities will benefit from a ten percent discount on the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) price. The following parameters are set for the ThorBlock TGE:

  • Duration — 3-day period, prior to the IEO(s) start date (Date will be announced later)
  • Only 500,000 GFCS tokens will be offered at the discounted rate
  • Price — 0.35 USD p/ GFCS token [includes the discount]
  • ThorBlock TGE will be a VIP-180 token that will later be swapped to ERC20 on a 1:1 ratio

*Note: ERC20 tokens will later be swapped at a 1:1 ratio for Global Funeral Care mainnet tokens, this will be announced at a later date.

Further, Global Funeral Care will be built as a Safe Haven vertical utilizing the Safe Haven Inheritance Platform (SHIP). SHIP will be integrated on the Global Funeral Care platform, due to synergies shared within the funeral care and inheritance industries.

Due to the integration of SHIP, Global Funeral Care will also exclusively integrate Safe Haven’s SafeKey product as their U2F authentication solution. This will work cohesively with both the Global Funeral Care platform and SHIP solution.

Throughout this partnership, Safe Haven will act as technical and integration support for Global Funeral Care. Safe Haven’s business development team will act as a formal business advisory board for Global Funeral Care.

Both Safe Haven and Global Funeral Care look forward to creating a functioning and comprehensive ecosystem that offers a wealth of planning options to individuals throughout the market. We would like to thank both the Safe Haven and Global Funeral Care communities for their continued support. Please stay tuned for further developments.

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