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Safe Haven and Mad Viking Games Partner to Secure Digital Inheritance Protocols for Cryptocurrency

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Mad Viking Games (MVG) are building games that utilize NFTs and cryptocurrencies for play-to-earn opportunities on the VeChain blockchain — to reduce the chance of digital assets becoming inaccessible, MVG is partnering with Safe Haven to integrate Inheriti with their platform.

Who is Safe Haven and What Services are Available?

Building DeFi solutions since 2017, Safe Haven has developed patented fintech capable of managing, storing, and transferring digital data to another entity in a decentralized manner via Inheriti SSDP protocols; other DeFi solutions offered within the ecosystem include masternode solutions, wallet management systems, pooling services, atomic swapping services, and additional services still in development.

Community members who provide stability to our ecosystem will be rewarded with advantages and privileges for their dedication — read this article to get started if interested (

Who is Mad Viking Games and What is GEMS?

Mad Viking Games is a gaming studio with a limited number of NFTs that will be utilized in a multitude of Viking-themed games. There are a total of six races within the MVG metaverse and all characters are allowed to breed once in their lifetime. The supply of NFTs within the metaverse is contingent to the number of players actively breeding, an action that can only be performed when the character reaches proper maturation — characters mature as they are used in the games over time.

For those seeking governance rights, MVG tokens can be staked to obtain GEMS tokens — read this article to better understand MVG’s governance system (

The Six Races Surrounding the Great Worlds Tree:

Humans — the Vikings of Midgard; the only race created by the Aesir Gods with Odin in charge.

Draugrs — the undead of Norse Mythology; their dead necrotic flesh reeks of decay.

Bright Elves — aka Ljósálfar, residents of the magnificent realm Alfheim; skilled in light and nature-based magic.

Dark Elves — aka Svartálfar, from the dark world of Svartalfheim; skilled in dark magic and using the shadows to their advantage.

Dwarves — aka Dökkálfar, tinkerers of the underground, living deep in the mountains; the most skilled rune smiths in the cosmos, capable of creating unparalleled magical weaponry.

Monsters — the wilderness is a dangerous place for the ill-prepared; inhabited by many strange creatures, like the charming Huldra, the savage trolls, and the swift Vargrs.

Each race will have 4 unique classes with special in-game abilities. Their AAA-level gaming characters will be revealed closer to the launch of their marketplace.

You can read more about each race here (

The Nine Realms within the Flagship Game of Mad Viking Games:

In MVG’s upcoming open-world metaverse, players must visit the Great World Tree to choose which of the nine realms they enter. As players explore the wonders of the nine worlds, they will complete quests to earn rewards and record the history of NFT playable characters. Many different races will be encountered, all of which can interbreed, so it is safe to say things will get rather interesting when a few years of playing has commenced!

Planning for E-Sport Games to Attract the Masses

Mad Viking Games is also constructing a turn-based game that enables users to play fast matches with their NFT characters. It is important to think of all audiences when building a play-to-earn gaming model and MVG has knocked it out of the park! E-Sports gaming is a fast-growing multibillion-dollar industry, setting forth great economic growth metrics for collectible digital assets.

Superior Graphics and Virtual Processing

For those who have not been keeping up with the latest gaming engines, Unreal Engine is hands down the best… and Mad Viking Games is building their open-world metaverse with Unreal Engine 5! The lighting effects and clarity of imaging for objects afar have never been as pristine. You can see a sneak peak of MVG’s metaverse in their recent Tweet ( — make sure to give them a follow!

Why do the NFT, GEMS, and MVG Tokens of Mad Viking Games Need Inheriti?

New supply for tokens of the same type cannot be minted again, so if access is lost then the existing supply becomes rarer and the previous owner must repurchase from the remaining supply. Access to wallets can only be lost if the user misplaces the mnemonic phrases of their decentralized wallet. Utilizing Inheriti will reduce the risks of losing access to data stored within the plan, such as mnemonics or any other critical recovery data, and cold-stored backup share establishment can help prevent misplaced beneficiary devices from compromising the plan.

What Type of Integration is being Implemented?

Safe Haven will provide MVG with back-end coding, enabling semi-integration of Inheriti, and add MVG as a supported referral partner. After the integration has been rigorously tested on testnet and configurations are pushed to mainnet, users will be able to navigate to Inheriti and establish plans by clicking the link on MVG’s platform. While submitting payment for an Inheriti plan, owner of estate can choose to have the 5% referral fee donated to MVG; or the percentage can be equally shared between multiple registered partners.

To learn the difference between a semi-integration and full-integration of Inheriti, please read the following article (

How Does Inheriti Work?

Inheriti is a web3 platform enforced with SSD (secure share distribution) protocols that utilize military-grade encryption (AES-256) to mask and fragment secret data into multiple shares for cold-storage. All beneficiary shares are stored on pin-code protected FIDO2+SSDP SafeKey devices, while validator and backup shares are stored on the blockchain. To unlock the inheritable data, all beneficiaries must meet with the Merge Authority to trigger the DMS (deadman switch). Once the amount of time passes for the DMS to deactivate, all beneficiaries meet with the Merge Authority to merge beneficiary shares with the unlocked validator share.

View our security and audit reports here (

What is Required to Establish a Decentralized Inheritance or Personal Backup Plan?

The Community Edition of Inheriti equips the client with a lifetime inheritance or personal backup plan. It costs 10k SHA tokens for the plan, plus an additional 2k SHA tokens per backup share. SafeKeys are utilized to store beneficiary and Merge Authority plan shares, so one will be needed per individual. However, Inheriti Mobile is launching in 2022 and the application will enable owner of estate to prompt beneficiaries to store plan shares on their mobile device — this will greatly reduce the costs for those seeking additional options.

If you would like to view a step-by-step walkthrough, please visit the Inheriti FAQ site (

How Does This Partnership Benefit MVG and Safe Haven?

Mad Viking Games solidifies the security and longevity sector of its gaming ecosystem by ensuring all gamers can safeguard NFT, GEMS, and MVG tokens with a decentralized inheritance or personal backup plan, while Safe Haven extends its services to additional metaverse clients and increases the frequency of Inheriti utilization.

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness:

To increase awareness for this partnership, Safe Haven has collaborated with Mad Viking Games to establish a gleam event — gleam events contain educational material, for teaching others about the solutions and projects being promoted, and each completed task rewards the participant with raffle tickets linked to a prize pool. This event will go live during the release of our next Flash Friday, make sure to join the social channels of Safe Haven and Mad Viking Games so you do not miss out! Also, Tyler Doussan is hosting a Twitter Space, on the 5th of January at 17.00 UTC, to showcase highlights of this partnership and steps moving forward — there will be a special guest present!

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support. Be sure to keep up with our official channels!

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