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Safe Haven and Nauticus Place a Bullseye on Australian Market

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Continuing our targeted Inheritance Solution outreach campaign, we are pleased to announce the signing of a preliminary Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Nauticus Exchange. The MOU will focus on bringing the Inheritance Solution to Nauticus and future discussions with intent to strengthen Nauticus’ offerings to both digital assets and security tokens.

Based in Melbourne, Australia Nauticus is currently trading in 10 major tokens and successfully integrated Australian Dollar (AUD) in December 2018. The exchange now has more than 260,000 accounts and is gearing up for its full public launch; users should expect an easy trading interface focused on everyday users, a mobile app, and several more digital assets.The company’s recently released roadmap includes the tokenization of assets, new asset trading, and a mobile payments platform, you can find more information about it here.

Nauticus will list Safe Haven (SHA) on its Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) regulated platform. It is from this platform that Safe Haven will support Nauticus in the inheritance management of all wallet and asset types. Customer focused efforts will move beyond the Inheritance Solution and information will be shared between parties in efforts to ensure compliance and security industry wide.

Safe Haven in cooperation with Nauticus will utilize Melbourne as a staging point for all operations within Australia, including but not limited to professional and government expansion on the continent. All marketing efforts made by Safe Haven [in Australia] will be in cooperation with Nauticus and their partners.

We would like to thank Nauticus and their community and as always, the Safe Haven community for continuing to support our efforts. Stayed tuned for further announcements regarding this exciting partnership.

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