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Safe Haven Community Governance Model

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Under the Guidance of the Community Governance Model

The Community Governance Model (CGM) will act as the compass guiding Safe Haven’s direction in regards to community fulfillment.

A group of highly diverse individuals volunteering to maintain the bridge between community and organization, the CGM will engage with Safe Haven directly in efforts to maintain community-leaning growth.

Beyond maintaining a Legacy Node, an individual’s acceptance into the CGM will be voted on by the standing members, less any members of the Safe Haven organization. The official standing vote required for acceptance into the CGM will be determined by the standing COVE membership, as this organization will be ‘grandfathered’ as the CGM — this determination will be made public, thereafter and will remain such if/until changed by the CGM.

Other requirements is as follows:

  • KYC submission [maintained by Safe Haven]
  • Non-disclosure agreement [retained by Safe Haven]
  • CV/Resume [maintained by Safe Haven]
  • Twitter Handle
  • Telegram Handle

The above must be provided, as CGM members may have access to limited-information* not made public. These agreements are set forth to protect Safe Haven, individual CGM members, and the community.

*Limited Information — Information will not be substantial enough to determine official Safe Haven decisions prior to [their] public release. Information may include knowledge already made public, provided to the CGM in efforts to better align and support the Safe Haven community.

Information that may be afforded to the standing CGM:

  • Professional Skills
  • Telegram Identification

*Note — No personally identifying information will be afforded to the CGM.

As members of the community, the CGM will raise community concerns or interests to the Safe Haven team, directly. When decisions must be made that are likely to directly impact the community, CGM will provide input based on their collective reasoning for Safe Haven to consider prior to finalizing the official decision.

Community Governance Model membership may include the following:

  • Report any/all forms of harassment within the community that has not been addressed by the team. Harassment includes any behavior that may impede the community from healthy growth and possibly diminish the bonds formed between members.
  • Determining if prospective requirements of CGM are necessary; each quarter, CGM members may submit prospective amendments, which shall be voted upon within the CGM, less any members of the Safe Haven organization.
  • Determining the procedure by which another member of CGM is removed and what may be considered a removable offense.
  • First-access to developmental [BETA] platforms for assessing user-experience.
  • Review marketing campaigns ‒ provide feedback before public launch to assess community reception.
  • CGM members may opt to host promotional events for their local community. Marketing materials may be provided by Safe Haven, which includes pamphlets, banners and a PowerPoint presentation that explains all products and solutions.
  • CGM members may establish bonds with prospective clients during promotional events. All clients shall be directed to communicate, via and/or email [email protected], when assistance is required.
  • CGM members will be invited to assist freely on CGM members who utilize the forum, will have displayed CGM Badge for reputability. This will allow for others to easily locate a trusted and accurate answer.
  • Recommendations from CGM members are highly respected by the community and the organization of Safe Haven as a whole. Therefore, any information gathered on possible integrations/partnerships, that may aid in the expansion of clientele and/or mass adoption for Safe Haven solutions, shall be reviewed by the team collectively. Recommendations may be sent at any time, but shall be reviewed by the team at the end of each quarter.

The presented bullet points above are foundational outlines and/or possible expectations. It is intended that the CGM will establish their own charter for success, one that has Safe Haven’s blessing. As expected, establishing a more elaborate path forward for the CGM will take some time, but as with most aspects; the time spent will provide for sound reasoning and allow for the CGM to establish a solid grasp for their role within the Safe Haven ecosystem.

As always, we also thank our community for your continued support.

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