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Safe Haven & Emirex Eye the Future of Security Within the UAE

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The usage and cryptocurrency continues to gain steam. All over the world, the market we operate within continues to grow its user base and sure enough, Safe Haven continues to follow the trend. We have seen our community grow rather rapidly, as of late. We expect this to continue as we enter a geographical market that is also experiencing its own growth and will likely be important to the expansion of blockchain technology, globally. Safe Haven will be entering the Arab world with liquidity provider and partner, Emirex.

Emirex is positioned appropriately to provide knowledge of Safe Haven to several emerging micro-markets, many with cryptocurrency and blockchain legal framework already in place. Emirex has approximately 83,000 registered users, most of which hail from their focus area of the Middle East. Emirex has been featured in Forbes Middle East and CoinTelegraph, among several other publications. According to CEO Grigory Rybalchenko, Emirex is willing to be an innovative platform, while fully supporting decentralized solutions.

“We believe that emerging technologies like blockchain, are breakthrough technologies that open the doors to new opportunities, Blockchain specifically, is a new reality. At the same time, advanced reality brings emerging security threats that we haven’t seen before. For a recent example of increasing security threats we can look at Twitter or Garmin, both of which were recently compromised. The only way to get the sustainable benefits out of the technology is to build, as the very first step, a concrete ”Safe Haven,” with ease-of-use as simple as a credit card and at the same time, provide unprecedented protection based on crypto-technology. We believe Safe Haven will provide this.” — Grigory Rybalchenko, CEO Emirex

Safe Haven was in attendance during the Dubai Blockchain Summit 2018. It became immediately evident that the region had interest in the specific use-case of digital inheritance and digital asset management. Since then, Dujardin has traveled back to the United Arab Emirates resuming talks with several institutions to pitch the fully-decentralized Inheriti platform. A roadblock was encountered regarding consumers’ ability to obtain SHA on the open market through a trusted local provider.

“With Emirex as an active partner, we will have a one-stop shop able to provide access to our solutions — SafeKey and Inheriti -, as well as the (SHA) token, in the region. We are delighted with this partnership! We believe it [partnership] will not only be a segway to provide Safe Haven solutions to the community of this region, but also allow us to move past some of the hurdles we encountered regarding entry into this emerging market.” — Logino Dujardin, CEO Safe Haven

Emirex and Safe Haven have agreed to launch a multi-phase partnership that will be pursued throughout the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. The length of which will be dependent upon integration of Safe Haven produced solutions within the Emirex platform and subsidiaries. As aspects of the shared agreement come to fruition, communities from both projects will be notified and educated on what opportunities are presented to advance all involved. It is also understood that Emirex will assist Safe Haven in the legal and/or regulation hurdles within the region, in efforts to strengthen both entities within the geographical market.

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