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Safe Haven Launches SafeKey – Hardware for 2FA and Crypto Inheritance

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What’s new in online security? We have seen the emergence of passwords. While we are now in the generation of 2 Factor Authentication, the future lies in the Universal 2nd Factor (U2F). Safe Haven introduces SafeKey, a hardware that will perform crypto-encryption and enable passwordless authentication.

Our online presence is increasing daily. We are using various online services like social media, emails, networking services. How do you stay safe? Safe Haven’s new security layer, SafeKey is a solid answer.

We have seen recent attacks on Social Media Profiles, online financial services. Such incidents have serious consequences, for example, defamation, loss of personal data, and of course, loss of your hard-earned money. Imagine this happening at a bigger scale, for organizations. The outcome is disastrous.

Safe Haven’s Solutions

One of the solutions currently available is a 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), which is a combination of your password and an SMS/ Google Authenticator/Authy code. Safe Haven has now introduced a new security layer, SafeKey, which is much robust and secure than the traditional 2FA systems.


SafeKey provides strong hardware encryption, made reliable in partnership with NitroKey. It stores your cryptographic key in a crypto processor. This makes it secure even if the device is stolen. Also, your protected accounts remain secure even if attackers have stolen your password.

Ease of Use

After configuring SafeKey with your accounts, confirm login by simply pushing a button on the SafeKey.

Other notable features include
  • No additional software or driver installation is required apart from a supported web browser
  • Any number of accounts of different kinds (e.g. websites, in-house proprietary systems) can be used to set up.
  • Internal storage is available within the unit. The internal storage stores encrypted shares of private keys, passwords and account details.
  • SafeKey has a life expectancy of greater than 20 years
  • 100% open source and open hardware
  • Safe Haven promises that there are no hidden security flaws

What next?

As a next step, Safe Haven will offer SafeKey integration to their exchange partners as an additional layer of security when combined with the Inheritance Solution.

SafeKey’s pre-order emails have been distributed by Safe Haven. The SafeTech Webshop is currently accepting orders.

This article was originally posted by Altcoin Buzz

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