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Safe Haven partners with Arkane Network

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We are proud to announce that Safe Haven has established a partnership with Arkane Network.

Arkane is not just a wallet provider, but a multi-blockchain network that connects users to several different applications, wallets and cryptocurrencies in one location. Individuals can track and monitor all transactions and wallet activity with a broad overview of their balance in a safe, easy-to-use, and transparent manner within a single [Arkane] interface.

Arkane features are properly aligned with Safe Haven and ThorBlock values and allow us to onboard our existing users quicker. We believe that by partnering with Arkane more ecosystems will utilize the VeChainThor Network and Safe Haven token.

Beyond ThorBlock’s imminent launch, Safe Haven and Arkane are exploring further collaboration. By making use of Arkane APIs and other tooling, Safe Haven developers will be able to produce DApps on the VeChainThor network faster. We are truly excited about the possibilities this partnership may unveil and look forward to expand Safe Haven’s presence within the blockchain space.

Stay tuned for further announcements and thank you for your support!

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