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Safe Haven: Protecting The Community Against Loss!

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Dear Digital Inheritance Community,

Digipulse, another blockchain project that shares the digital inheritance space with us, has announced to move away from blockchain technology and delist their token before December 15, 2018. It saddens us that another well-intentioned project is now leaving this exciting and innovative space. Furthermore, Digipulse has offered a viable option to their community in the form of swapping their token for a share of the Digipulse organization in a more traditional sense [outside of the blockchain]. We commend Digipulse for giving an option to their token-holders and we encourage their users to utilize this option, if they intend to move away from the blockchain space.

We believe that the blockchain can make a difference in the digital inheritance space and we are committed to bring mass adoption into asset management and inheritance solutions worldwide.

Digital inheritance is important; there is little doubt that there must be a solution in place to ensure the digital assets of one can be safely and securely passed to family, friends, and stakeholders. It is evident that members of the Digipulse and Safe Haven community, who currently hold DGPT, want to utilize digital inheritance. In the spirit of digital inheritance and to protect those who wish to stay active in the blockchain space, Safe Haven has decided to offer another solution to Digipulse holders within our community.

Introducing the Digipulse (DGPT) Safe Haven (SHA) Swap:

Safe Haven will allocate SHA tokens exclusive for the Digipulse Swap and open up our community sales model to each member who contributes both one (1) VET and one (1) DGPT during this sale phase. Safe Haven will provide both a contribution address for VET and a contribution address for DGPT. When a member of the community contributes an even amount of VET-to-DGPT, the contribution (as a pair) will receive the appropriate amount of SHA in accordance with our community sales offering. All DGPT tokens will be burned publicly and transparently by Safe Haven and we will not take a stake in the Digipulse company.

For example:

You hold 500 DGPT in your ERC20 wallet and you want to swap your tokens?

Send your 500 DGPT to our provided ERC20 address and 500 VET to our VET address.

You will receive 5000 [500×10] SHA into your VET wallet after the Token Generation Event next month.

Before swapping, we ask you to fill in the KYC procedure on our website and provide us the same VET address you made the VET contribution with. This step secures our compliance with the current laws and we can compare your transaction with the one provided in the Google form

You can download the VeChainThor Wallet app within the App Store or Google Play Store.

The VET (VeChain) token is tradable here.

Proceed to the swap here.

Thanks to our community for continuing to believe in digital inheritance. Our commitment to you is unwavering.

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