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Safe Haven: SafeTech Acquires Comet and CometVerse

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As many may already be aware, SafeTech is a development organization that builds blockchain solutions for public use. More specifically, SafeTech owns all technology and patents offered to Safe Haven for business operations. SafeTech has engaged in an acquisition agreement with Totient Labs, the creators of Comet, to acquire the Comet Browser Extension and CometVerse.

Comet is a highly utilized wallet solution within the VeChain ecosystem that boasted a very positive following. Upon Totient’s decision to depart from the VeChain ecosystem, many Dapps faced uncertainty regarding the signature of transactions on the blockchain. SafeTech’s acquisition of Comet will allow Safe Haven to further develop the [business] solution, while making it accessible to all. It is expected that the Comet Browser Extension will be made open source, allowing for community input and improvement.

CometVerse, the Comet NFT marketplace, was the first marketplace available to the VeChain ecosystem. Currently, CometVerse is holding an estimated 100K USD in locked assets, it is for this reason Safe Haven has decided to open up the marketplace. CometVerse will be expanded further within the VeChain ecosystem and extended to other blockchains. It is also expected that CometVerse will welcome SHA [token] utility in the future.

Logically, the acquisition and utilization of Comet limits Safe Haven’s third-party dependence for a decentralized wallet/signature solution. Furthermore, it is properly aligned with Safe Haven’s long-term vision to be able to provide a full array of asset management solutions.

We would also like to take the time to thank Clinton and Kevin (formally Totient Labs), for their professionalism throughout their tenure and hope to work with them in the future.

Looking forward, we expect the full turnover and updates to occur within the next 30 days, pending any unforeseen variables. We also want to ensure continued support for VeChain nodes and updates will occur to make such a priority.

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