Safe Haven testnet release and private sale closing in 72 hours. - Safe Haven

Safe Haven testnet release and private sale closing in 72 hours.

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We would like to thank our community and anyone who has contributed to Safe Haven and supported us through our private sale.

On a development note, we are proud to give you the news that:

  • The Safe Haven Family Circle Distribution Protocol is ready for testnet this week.
Safe Haven platform login.
  • The Trust Alliance Network blockchain or TAN chain is ready and will be uploaded soon on our Github:
  • The Safe Haven MultiSig wallet is ready for use and code will uploaded soon on our Github:
  • The GUI/ public site of our TAN is still under development and more updates about this will be published soon.

Last but not least, we have some extremely exciting news to share with our community in the coming days. Our anticipated announcement will address a strategic partnership that will mold the landscape for Safe Haven’s success. With it, will come new friends that will open the eyes of many to what we have built and continue to globalize our efforts.

Officially, our Private Sale will come to a close in 72 hours or when the hardcap is reached. With the release of our testnet and our new partnership we are concluding our private sale phase. This will be the last opportunity to contribute to Safe Haven and obtain a private bonus utilizing Ethereum. Contact the Safe Haven team on [email protected] for the private sale details.

We look forward to having you on this journey with us.

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