Safe Haven welcomes Gary Sumner, our new Strategic Planning Advisor. - Safe Haven

Safe Haven welcomes Gary Sumner, our new Strategic Planning Advisor.

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As we continue to grow into what Safe Haven will be tomorrow, it is expected that we bring onboard new partners and advisors. We feel it is extremely important to ensure that we are well-rounded and tap experienced minds that will help guide our vision. It is known that asset management is a large field, digital asset management will prove to be even larger. It is with that knowledge, we are pleased to introduce Gary Sumner who will act as Strategic Planning Advisor (SPA).

Gary’s career is centered on strategic planning, financial management, project management, and business development. Focusing his efforts on B2B sales, negotiations, acquisitions and project management within multiple industries, he operates with a broad perspective and solution-driven approach. An early adopter of cryptocurrency, he has witnessed the blockchain industry grow and evolve, and continues to analyze and assess the space.

Gary has held several roles within traditional private equity firms to include, B2B Analyst, Acquisitions and Diligence, Business Development Strategist, and Chief Strategist. Within these roles, Gary was responsible for the raising of capital, fund allocation, investment analysis and asset protection, specifically in high-tech and biotech industries. His role as Partner for Patten Properties further strengthened his B2B relations and negotiation experience, as he oversaw business development projects that provided annual revenues of $150M+. To date, Gary continues building relationships within the crypto-sphere with liquidity platforms and product providers.

We look forward to working alongside Gary as he lends his experience and talents to Safe Haven. His role as SPA will assist to further guide our B2B relationships within multiple financial markets, allowing us to reach a greater audience in both the traditional and digital asset landscape.

As always, we would like to thank our community for your continued support. Stay tuned for further announcements.

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