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Safe Haven Welcomes LiveTheLife to the Blockchain Industry

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Our Q2 recap released in July, indicated that we were onboarding potential verticals that were unnamed at that time. One of which, was an “undisclosed travel and destination editorial organization”. As many of you have an avid eye for detail and may suspect; we are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with LifeTheLife (LTL). LTL will utilize Safe Haven products throughout its transition and thereafter, as it improves upon its current model utilizing blockchain.

Also stated was that LTL was an established traditional model that maintains a user base, more on that will be provided as they move towards releasing their white-paper. For right now, here are some key milestones:

  • 1000 lifestyle properties in 100 destinations
  • 100 million views through Google search-engine
  • 50 millions views on Facebook and
  • Organic growth of Facebook of 75K
  • Exponential customer growth utilizing Google Ads [2,000%]
  • Database of 7000+ leads for travel and real estate

LTL operates within an industry plagued by troublesome compensation methods for freelancers and storytellers. In fact, at times compensation is overlooked entirely. LTL plans to rid these concerns utilizing the transparency that will be afforded by ThorPay, coupled with their project token: LTL.

Founder, Yves Van den Meerssche had this to say about utilizing ThorPay within the model,

“We see ThorPay as an easy way to optimise certain aspects of our new business model, without spending too much time on coding, but rather focus on building solutions for both our customers and partners. As much as we love technology, smart contracts are not as smart as they sound, they are pretty complex to write and we can not afford any errors considering the immutability aspect of the blockchain. Thorpay makes using smart contracts very user-friendly, so we can start exploring our rewards system for content creators much sooner as expected. The team of Safe Haven has removed the entry barrier for companies to actually use blockchain and cryptocurrencies in real life transactions, and that is a big step towards mainstream adoption of this relative new technology. It will save us time and resources to achieve our goal of rewarding travel content creators through token distribution, bounty rewards, and airdrop distribution to kickstart the project sooner than initially planned. We will be locking access to some of our innovative solutions to make sure everything works flawlessly and at the same time be open to do some test runs with early adopters in our content production team. The use of the Safe Haven token will be crucial to offer our users free transactions and pay for all transaction costs on the blockchain. Safe Haven is much more than our service provider, they are our cornerstone for asset management and crypto funding.”

Currently, LTL is in the process of reaching out to various private investors and venture capitalists. More on their success and timeline will be revealed in the coming weeks. Until then, you can research the current model at Their public white paper is being reviewed internally with support from various partners and will be available upon consensus.

In maintaining a supportive partnership, Safe Haven will take a strong position and participation in LTL. LTL will utilize the experience and technical prowess provided by Safe Haven, as it disrupts a massive market-space.

We will continue to update the community on their progress and our shared efforts. Stay tuned.

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