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Digital Inheritance Live

Digital inheritance enables critical data to remain decentralized, while maintaining ease of access with multi-layer security protocols.

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Distributed vHSM Live

Innovative Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for Decentralized Storage Methods. We use a 3-layer approach to keep your critical (CBOR based) data secure.

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Distributed Backup Coming soon

A serverless backup system that distributes data across a multilayer-based protocol.

Wallets Live

We provide different digital wallets, from Chrome extensions, to hybrid or interface solutions.

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ID Management Live

Use multiple applications with one secure username & password.

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Market Places Coming soon

Decentralized online market places for selling products or services in exchange for digital assets.

Pooling Live

Making it easier and safer to collect money in a shared fund with family, friends, business partners, organizations, etc.

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Mass Payment Solutions Live

Making blockchain-based distributions simple, fast, secure and reliable.

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