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The Release and Instructions for Updating SafeKey Firmware

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As we prepare for the Inheriti BETA test, we have updated the SafeKey firmware. We have provided a desktop application to update the SafeKey firmware with a few simple steps.

The latest version of the SafeKey Desktop Tool application can be downloaded here:




The application will provide you with the latest firmware for your SafeKey. Update now to get ready for Inheriti!

Step-by-step instructions

  • Download the SafeKey Desktop Tool from the link provided above.
    Note: The URL shortener may indicate that there may be a problem with the link, as it leads to an executable file. This is normal and you can continue by clicking on the download link.
  • Install and run the SafeKey Desktop Tool by executing the file you just downloaded.

Note: Your browser may indicate that this is a potentially harmful file. This is normal and you may keep the file.

  • Windows: safekey-desktop.Setup.1.5.0.exe
  • Apple: safekey-desktop-1.4.11.dmg
  • Linux: safekey-desktop-1.5.0.AppImage
  • Insert the SafeKey into a USB port of your device. Wait for your device to recognize the SafeKey if this is the first time using your SafeKey.
  • Click the ‘Refresh Authenticators’ button in the SafeKey Desktop Tool. Your SafeKey should show.
  • If your SafeKey is not running the latest firmware, the app will indicate that you’ll need to update it. To do so, click the orange ‘Out of date. Update now’ button.
  • A message will pop up saying ‘Activating bootloader. Press touch button to continue.
  • Press the touch button on the SafeKey to initiate the firmware update.
  • The app will indicate that it is writing to the SafeKey, please wait. The app may be unresponsive during the update process.
  • When the firmware has been successfully updated, a message will appear saying ‘Success. Refresh to see updated firmware version.
  • Click ‘Refresh Authenticators’ again to confirm the firmware has been updated.

Once you have updated your SafeKey with the latest firmware, you are ready for Inheriti. We will provide more information soon on how to continue.

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