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What is the Safe Haven Investment Circle?

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The Investment Circle is for those willing to create a fund amongst friends, family members or business stakeholders.

Let’s say that 5 friends want to invest in crypto-currencies, and buy each for $1000.

What are their options?
Creating a multi-sig wallet (with all the flaws that were discovered lately). Even when it’s completely secure, you will always need trust within the group…

Ok, how are we going to manage this? Simple! Through Safe Haven’s Share Distribution protocol.

You encrypt the private key and we split the passphrase into shares, the stakeholders will receive equally the same number of shares.
If we consider the formula without a fail-safe mechanism, we have 𝑇 = (y. n − 1) + (X. n) , T = (2 -1) + (2.5) = 1 + 10 = 11 shares to distribute where 1 will be stocked on the block chain via the validator (legal entity). The conditions, in order to liberate this share, can be anything from price thresholds, to milestones, to simply having a 100 % consensus to do so.

Again, the possibilities are endless.

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