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How to use a FIDO device?

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The FIDO standard (Fast IDentity Online) defines a fast and secure authentication for users to access their online accounts with websites and apps.

What is a FIDO device?

A FIDO device is a device that resembles a usb stick.

It is an additional security feature to a password. You can take it with you everywhere.

It’s also suitable to provide additional security for your social media or crypto exchange accounts.

It is a good idea to use a FIDO device if you want to log in to different websites or platforms securely and without much hassle.

Why use a FIDO device?

No matter how advanced passwords are, it is always a good idea to implement an additional security layer. This protects and slows down logins with an extra barrier.

Hacking and illegally logging into accounts is a process that is often automated. Mostly it are just scripts running.

The script tries to log in thousands of times before it succeeds. A small and minimal barrier is often enough to make this automated process go haywire.

That is why a FIDO device, such as a SafeKey, is a perfect solution to enhance your accounts’ security.

With a FIDO device you add an extra physical security layer to your login process on a website.

Besides something you need to remember, like a password, there is also something you need to physically have to log in to a website. This is called a FIDO device, such as a SafeKey.

Because of the physical aspect, this method is still slightly more secure and harder to hack than regular Two Factor Authentication (2FA) where you receive a code via sms or need to generate one with an app.

How to use a FIDO device?

A FIDO device is always a second factor when logging in.

You start by installing the accompanied app on your computer or smartphone. Such an app lets you configure the use of your device. Most of the times you can also configure what happens if you lose your device.

Once configuration is done, you can start using it to login to your online accounts.

To login to a website you first need to enter a password. After that you are guided to a screen where you need to use the FIDO device.

You put your device in a usb port of your computer and you push the button of your device to complete the login.

What if your device gets lost?

While configuring the software you use in conjunction with a FIDO device, you also set up a backup method.

This backup method comes in handy in case you lose your FIDO device.

The backup method can consist of having a specific app on your smartphone from which you can get one-time recovery codes.

On the other hand, it is also possible to configure multiple FIDO devices. You can then always keep one in your closet, a bit like you keep a certain spare key in a key safe or deposit it with someone you trust.

Did someone steal your device? Too bad, but don’t panic. A FIDO device is an addition to the login process. It is not a replacement for a password.

You can always log in to your app and remove the device and in addition change the passwords of your online accounts.

How many devices do you need?

In theory you only need one FIDO device.

On the other hand, it is possible to work with several security keys. Then you can give one as a backup on a secret location or give one to your family members for safekeeping it in case you lose one.

Can you use one FIDO device to log into multiple websites?

Yes, it is indeed perfectly possible to log in securely to different websites with only one device.

You can compare its use -more or less- with that of an advanced password manager.

A password manager is software to manage passwords for different websites. A FIDO device is just that, but in the form of a small hardware device that operates as an extra security layer on top of traditional passwords.

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