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10 Benefits Of Using SafeSwap For Your Blockchain Project

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As a blockchain project builder you always wonder which blockchain will suit your project best. Which one will have the most suitable infrastructure, the lowest fees, the fastest transactions, the most users?

We have all been there. Thinking about the future of our dApp, before making a choice and starting to build. But having to make a choice, also comes with trade-offs. There will always be some users that you cannot reach, some wallets you cannot use or even some features you cannot build. Most dApps are locked inside their native chain’s ecosystem and its abilities, thus their growth is limited.

But it should not.

Taking your project cross-chain is a solution to many of those problems, but on the other hand it also brings a lot of extra complexity, costs, and work, which probably holds you back from taking that next big step. At least, if you take on the job yourself.

That is where SafeSwap comes in. Below you will discover 10 benefits of why you – as a builder or project owner – and your users, can profit from implementing and using SafeSwap.

No idea what SafeSwap is or how it works? We have written about it here.

#1 – Lower Development & Operational Costs

By listing your project on SafeSwap, you can make use of the atomic swap protocol we have carefully developed, without having to spend all the time, energy, and funds yourself.

We have done all the work for you!

You simply pay a one-time SafeSwap listing fee and our team will take care of the rest.

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#2 – Reach Broader Audiences

Thanks to having your token available across multiple blockchains, it is obvious that you can reach a broader audience

SafeSwap will accelerate your efforts in getting more eyes on your project. It will not only help your project to gain utility, but also to expand your user base organically.

#3 – Offer More Wallet Choices

Another one of the perks of having your token and dApp deployed across multiple blockchains, is that your users and token holders are given a much larger variety of wallets they are able to use.

You will be able to offer your users more freedom of wallet choice. This will help your project reach a broader audience.

#4 – No Centralized / Third-Party Liquidity Needed

Key advantages of an atomic swap revolve around its distributed nature. For instance, it enables cross-chain interactions without the need for third-parties like centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Liquidity is always present, as the platform utilizes pools that are specifically dedicated to one-for-one swaps with relation to each token’s total supply.

Liquidity when you need it.

#5 – Launch Your dApp(s) Across Multiple Blockchains

Having your token deployed across different blockchains, also means you can deploy your dApps across multiple blockchains.

This significantly reduces your limitations of building, since you are able to use the best features of every blockchain.

Just as SafeSwap will give your users more freedom and your token more utility, you as a builder will experience massive growth too!

#6 – Go Cross-Chain Without Changing Your Tokenomics

Becoming blockchain agnostic is critically necessary for the continued growth of digital asset issuers and their blockchain solutions.

Because digital assets cannot organically move between blockchains, new assets must be created on the target chain. A potential bi-product is the need to adjust the original tokenomics established, leading to potential issues with the original business model.

SafeSwap is different: through smart-contract Atomic Swaps, token issuers no longer have to sacrifice the integrity of their business proposition.

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#7 – Swaps Straight From And To The User’s Own Wallet

While using SafeSwap, all wallets used within the process are owned strictly by the user. At no point during the process of using the platform does the user lose control of the assets being swapped.

#8 – Zero Platform Fees For Failed Swaps

SafeSwap carries a no-loss concept. Digital assets are safe, even in the scenario that a transaction fails.

SafeSwap’s technology ensures that your users have a pleasant experience. No asset loss for unseeable circumstances.

#9 – Enhanced User Security And An Additional Security Layer

As a truly peer-to-peer platform for swapping digital assets between two blockchains, we take security seriously. SafeSwap’s atomic swaps enhances user security during a swap, without trusting third-parties with the custody of funds.

The user always stays in charge via the connected wallets.

SafeSwap also has an additional built-in security layer, a backend code that ensures funds are only claimable on the same device as from which the swap was initiated.

More so, the larger the asset swap, the more confirmations are necessary to solidify the correct execution.

#10 – Trackable Swaps

Every swap conducted on SafeSwap is trackable via the blockchain explorer, which allows you to review transaction status to see if it was successful and even check out the amount of gas that was used.

This visibility into each transaction also provides necessary information for taxes.

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Blockchain Project Owner?

SafeSwap V1 will be supporting EVM chains like VeChain, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain and Polygon/Matic. If you are a blockchain project owner and you’re feeling the need to take your project cross-chain, click here to apply for a SafeSwap listing » 

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