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Looking Back to The Future – Safe Haven’s Ecosystem in 2023 and Beyond

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As members of the Safe Haven community, you have likely been wondering about the current state of the Safe Haven ecosystem and our broader vision for the future. In this article, we aim to provide a better understanding of the fundamentals that have been built over the past five years, the milestones we have achieved, and the choices we have made along the way.

We also want to share our actionable roadmap for 2023 and beyond, which will outline our vision for how we plan to bridge the gap between the technology and DeFi solutions we have built and the utility and accessibility that come from great UI/UX and omnipresence.

By the end of this article, we hope you will have a clear understanding of where Safe Haven is headed and how we plan to achieve our goals.

So grab a cup of coffee, put on your thinking cap for the next 20 minutes, and get ready to learn about the exciting things that are happening at Safe Haven. After all, if you’re going to read one of our articles from start to finish, it might as well be this one!

The State of The Industry

As the crypto industry continues to evolve, it is clear that the past year has been a challenging one for many projects and players. Despite initial signs of promise, the overall sentiment has shifted and several big players have been wiped out, were hacked, rugged their project or even got arrested. This has led to a significant decrease in retail interest and a resurgence of fear in the crypto space.

At Safe Haven, we understand the challenges facing the industry and have taken steps to anticipate and address them. Our long-term vision for the Safe Haven ecosystem is to build a platform that provides users with secure, decentralized solutions for their digital assets and inheritance needs. This includes everything from encrypted backups and digital inheritances to fiat payment gateways and user authentication via SafeID.

In order to achieve this vision, we have focused on building strong technical and business fundamentals, including our patented Secure Share Distribution Protocol (SSDP) and our flagship product, Inheriti®. We have also worked to create a vibrant and supportive community of users, partners, and supporters who share our vision for the future of crypto.

Despite the challenges of the past year, we remain committed to our vision and are excited to continue building and improving the Safe Haven ecosystem in the months and years ahead.

Safe Haven’s Foundation and Long Term Vision

As a project, we understand that crypto can be a wild ride. The market is unpredictable and sentiment can shift in an instant. But, that’s not going to stop us from building revolutionary and unique software.

At Safe Haven, we’ve been heads down building sustainable blockchain technology and web3 solutions since 2017, for the long term. We’ve never been interested in rushing developments or launching products just to benefit from short term hype.

Our focus has always been on building the technology layer and protocols first, and that’s why we’ve built all of our technology in-house, from scratch.

Currently we’ve built all our technology in-house, from scratch, for solutions such as:

  • Digital inheritance
  • Encrypted backups
  • Decentralized data storage
  • Atomic swaps / token bridge
  • Digital wallets
  • ID management
  • Fund pooling

We also built our own USB hardware security key, the SafeKey, and we even designed and built our own protocol, Secure Share Distribution Protocol (SSDP), which got multiple patents in different jurisdictions around the world.

The SSDP protocol —invented by our founder and CEO Jurgen Schouppe— is one of the most important fundamentals of the Safe Haven Ecosystem.

We understand that these type of developments are not always visible on the outside and it’s not always easy to track progress as an outsider, but, we’re building for the future and we don’t want to skip important steps just to follow some temporary hypes.

This reasoning will hopefully become clear during the rest of this article.

Of course, just as every other project out there, we tend to follow market sentiments and often act accordingly. That’s why we’re always transparent about what’s happening behind the scenes and it’s why we update the community on a weekly basis via our well known Flash Friday Updates.

But, it’s also with that same market sentiment in mind that earlier this year we decided to delay additional marketing efforts and instead continue to build out our fundamentals.

At some point it’s just better to continue building instead of wasting funds while

  1. market sentiment was heavily shifting
  2. we’re still in the process of optimizing utility and accessibility of our products for end users and retail (which were leaving)

To us this feels like the most responsible approach and makes totally sense.

It’s how we always used to work and it’s probably a big part of why we’re still around after all those years: #BUIDL.

Building Strong Fundamentals

Over the past five years, building strong fundamentals has been a key focus at Safe Haven. Below, we will take a look at some of the most important milestones from 2017 until today, as we near the end of 2022.

We will also reveal what to expect in the coming year and our vision for the future.

2017: The Safe Haven Foundation

In 2017, Safe Haven was founded with the goal of using blockchain technology to protect and decentralize inheritances and sensitive data. We released our whitepaper, launched our website, and began our initial coin offering (ICO) on the Ethereum blockchain.

We also founded SafeTech, which focused on researching and developing the Secure Share Distribution Protocol (SSDP) and the Inheriti platform for creating decentralized digital inheritances and encrypted data backups.

These milestones laid the groundwork for the future development and growth of the Safe Haven ecosystem, providing a secure and decentralized platform for protecting generational wealth and sensitive data for our users.


✅ [Safe Haven] Idea for an inheritance protocol on blockchain (= SSDP)

✅ [Safe Haven] Foundation founded

✅ [Safe Haven] Whitepaper V1

✅ [Safe Haven] Website V1

✅ [Safe Haven] SSDP research

✅ [Safe Haven] SSDP protocol design

✅ [Safe Haven] Start ICO on Ethereum

✅ BENELUX SSDP protocol Patent Registration (16/11/2017)

2018: Research and Development of Key Technology and Protocols

In 2018, we migrated our initial coin offering (ICO) from the Ethereum blockchain to VeChain and launched the SHA token (VIP-181) later that year. This allowed us to take advantage of VeChain’s Multi-Party Payment protocol and offer our community zero gas fees for some of our products.

We also began and continued research and development on various products and solutions, including the Secure Share Distribution Protocol (SSDP), Inheriti, SafeKey, TAN, ThorPay, ThorBlock, and MySafeWallet.

All these developments marked important milestones in the growth and evolution of our fundamentals and technology stack. Our self-developed technology offers a range of solutions for protecting and managing digital assets.


✅ [SafeTech] Company founded

✅ [Safe Haven] Migrate ICO from Ethereum to VeChain

✅ [Safe Haven] End ICO on VeChain

✅ [Safe Haven] Token Generation Event SHA token

✅ [SafeTech] SSDP protocol development

✅ [Inheriti] Start research and development

✅ [SafeKey] Start research and development

✅ [TAN] Start research and development

✅ [ThorPay] Start research and development

✅ [ThorBlock] Start research and development

✅ [MySafeWallet] Start research and development

2019: Minimum Viable Products and Patents

In 2019, we released the MVPs for the Trust Alliance Network, ThorPay, SafeID, and MySafeWallet, and launched the first version of ThorBlock.

Most of these product are currently still in their MVP or in a bèta phase, but they’re a big part of our technological fundamentals and a lot of the tech we built for it will be efficiently used in our future products and developments.

We also continued to develop Inheriti and SafeKey, releasing the MVP for Inheriti and launching SafeKey with FIDO and SSDP support. This made it possible for the first (select group of) users to securely transfer and store their digital assets, providing them with absolute control and flexibility over their inheritances and sensitive data.

Additionally, we filed for patents in the EU, US, China, and Hong Kong, protecting our innovative technology and ensuring that we could continue to develop and improve our products and services in the future.


✅ [ThorBlock] ThorBlock V1 (pooling)

✅ [ThorBlock] ThorBlock V2 (portal pooling, fundraising and charity)

✅ [ThorBlock] Public API

✅ [SafeID] Start research and development

✅ [SafeID] SafeID MVP

✅ [SafeID] SafeID Open Beta

✅ [TAN] Trust Alliance Network MVP

✅ [SafeNode] Start research and development

✅ [SafeNode] Introduction Node Program

✅ [SafeNode] SafeNode V1

✅ [ThorPay] ThorPay MVP

✅ [MySafeWallet] MySafeWallet MVP

✅ [MySafeWallet] MySafeWallet V1

✅ [SafeKey] Manufacturing of first SafeKey device (POC)

✅ [SafeKey] Launch SafeKey with FIDO2 + SSDP

✅ [SafeKey] Launch SafeKey webshop: first orders

✅ [Inheriti] Inheriti MVP

✅ [Inheriti] Inheriti Open Beta

✅ [Safe Haven] Launch Merchandise Shop

✅ [SafeTech] US Patent filing

✅ [SafeTech] EU Patent filing

✅ [SafeTech] China Patent filing

✅ [SafeTech] Hong Kong Patent filing

2020: Community Edition

In 2020, we launched the SafeKey Desktop Tool and released the first version of Inheriti (Community Edition), which allowed community members to establish their first official digital inheritance plans.

We also acquired Comet and released Comet V1, providing our community with our own VeChain browser wallet. Additionally, the SHA token was listed on KuCoin, providing greater accessibility and liquidity for our token holders.


✅ [SafeKey] Launch SafeKey Desktop Tool

✅ [Inheriti] Inheriti V1 (Community Edition)

✅ [Inheriti] Establishment of first official digital inheritance plans by the community

✅ [Inheriti] Start Blackbox Bounty Program with our partner Intigriti (2y)

✅ [Comet] Acquiring Comet

✅ [Comet] Comet V1

✅ [Safe Haven] SHA listed on a top tier exchange: KuCoin

2021: Brand Optimization

In 2021, we began research and development on SafeSwap, designing the atomic swap protocol.

We also launched the SHA staking program and rebranded Safe Haven, launching a new website.

Additionally, our EU patent got approved.


✅ [SafeSwap] Start research and development

✅ [SafeSwap] Atomic swap protocol design

✅ [Safe Haven] Launch SHA soft staking program

✅ [Safe Haven] Rebranding

✅ [Safe Haven] New website (V2)

✅ [Safe Haven] EU Patent approved (EP3654578A1)

2022: Omnipresence and Expansion

In 2022, we completed the branding and development of SafeSwap and its corresponding website, and the protocol achieved its first listing and completed its first 1000 swaps. This was a major achievement for the Safe Haven ecosystem, as it showed that SafeSwap was a valuable and useful tool for our community and worked as intented.

The SHA token was successfully deployed to Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

We also rebranded SafeTech and launched a new website, providing a fresh and modern look for our technology development arm. We began researching and developing SafeKey Mobile and Inheriti Vault, and made progress on our patents, with the US patent being approved and the EU patent validated in various European countries.

We also continued to register the Inheriti trademark in multiple jurisdictions around the world.


✅ [SafeSwap] Branding

✅ [SafeSwap] Atomic swap protocol development

✅ [SafeSwap] Web app UI/UX design

✅ [SafeSwap] Web app development

✅ [SafeSwap] SafeSwap V1

✅ [SafeSwap] Website V1

✅ [SafeSwap] First listing

✅ [SafeSwap] First 1000 swaps

✅ [Safe Haven] SHA token multichain on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain and Polygon

✅ [SafeTech] Rebranding

✅ [SafeTech] New website

✅ [SafeKey Mobile] Start research and development

✅ [Inheriti Vault] Start research and development

✅ [Safe Haven] US Patent approved (US20200162246A1)

✅ [Safe Haven] EU Patent validated and active in Belgium

✅ [Safe Haven] EU Patent validated and active in France

✅ [Safe Haven] EU Patent validated and active in Germany

✅ [Safe Haven] EU Patent validated and active in Luxembourg

✅ [Safe Haven] EU Patent validated and active in The Netherlands

✅ [Safe Haven] EU Patent validated and active in United Kingdom

✅ [Safe Haven] EU Patent validated and active in Switzerland

✅ [Inheriti] Inheriti® registered trademark in European Union

✅ [Inheriti] Inheriti® registered trademark in Hong Kong

✅ [Inheriti] Inheriti® registered trademark in United Kingdom

✅ [Inheriti] Inheriti® registered trademark in China

✅ [Inheriti] Inheriti® registered trademark in United States

2023 and Beyond: Utility, Accessibility and Growth

Let’s dig into the most exciting part, and probably the reason why you’re still reading this article: our roadmap for 2023 —and beyond.

What have we been preparing behind the scenes and what are we planning to build and release next?

To be clear here: where Safe Haven’s first 5 years were mostly about building technical and business fundamentals, the phase we’re entering next will slowly shift focus to building more utility, growing accessibility, being omnipresent and creating smooth user experiences for either Web2 and Web3 users.

Below you can see how we’re planning to achieve that, in non-specific order. There’s a full detailed explanation for every item below the visual of the roadmap.

If you would like to download our roadmap, click here to open the .pdf file.


SafeKey is a small but powerful USB device providing secure logins to social media accounts, webmail, cryptocurrency exchanges, and other online accounts. Strong two-factor authentication all with a simple touch of a button. But, thanks to our own SSDP protocol, a SafeKey can also act as a secure storage device to store shares of your encrypted backup or inheritance plans created via Inheriti®.

The device is ready, tested thoroughly, is working as intended, and already has its first users for quite some time now.

It’s a unique piece of hardware.

What lacks is a proper brand and clear insights about use cases to make people understand the product —and the problems it solves— better.

This will change soon.


Rebranding for SafeKey has recently been completed already —internally.

As part of the bigger picture, we created a professional and recognizable brand style to use amongst the whole SafeKey brand, marketing, and communication.

New website

Based on the freshly designed brand and current shortcomings of available documentation and user guidance, we’ll be launching a new SafeKey website soon — to present the product as simply as possible, for everyone to understand.

The website will have in-depth but comprehensible documentation about the primary use cases for different audiences —crypto users, regular internet users, business owners, and enterprises— and will act as the single source of information you’ll ever need to understand and use a SafeKey device to protect your digital identity and sensitive data.

It’ll help us to attract more users, partners, and potential investors for SafeKey.

New webshop

In line with the new website, we’ll also be updating the webshop, based on the updated brand style and positioning of the devices and use cases.

New docs

Current documentation is both hard to find and hard to comprehend.

We’re already working on this internally.

SafeKey One and SafeKey Pro

As part of the SafeKey rebranding, we are introducing clear names for the two different SafeKey models currently available. SafeKey One is a strong two-factor authentication device that uses FIDO2/U2F technology to protect your accounts against password or phishing attacks. SafeKey One makes you unhackable.

SafeKey Pro, on the other hand, contains both FIDO2/U2F and SSDP technology. This means that SafeKey Pro offers all of the benefits of SafeKey One, but it also has custom internal storage that allows you to store shares of encrypted backups and inheritance plans via Inheriti®. SafeKey Pro is literally unique in the world.

These different SafeKey models will help us to explain the different use cases more clearly and guide users more effectively. We believe that the new names and clear explanations will help users to choose the right SafeKey for their needs.

SafeKey Mobile

SafeKey Mobile, a mobile alternative to the custom internal storage of the SafeKey Pro device, has been eagerly anticipated by our community. Until now, this solution was known as Inheriti® Mobile, but we have decided to rebrand it as SafeKey Mobile. This new name makes more sense because it is an alternative to a feature of a SafeKey device (the ability to store encrypted data shares via Inheriti®).

We will soon share a preview or demo of SafeKey Mobile.

SafeKey bundles

We noticed in the past that it’s not always clear for people where and how to start with a SafeKey device. There’s currently a lack of information and guidance available about what use cases need which SafeKey model and how many device(s).

We’ll prepare simple bundles to remove this barrier.

SafeKey X

SafeKey model X will be the next generation of SafeKey devices and will support USB-C + NFC technology. This will make it easier to bring more of our solutions to mobile.

Metaverse Protection Packs

These packages are created by Safe Haven to provide consumers with everything they need to start earning passive income within metaverses of our partners, while also enabling the user to protect their newly acquired metaverse assets with a decentralized inheritance/backup plan with the help of SafeKeys.

Affiliate Program

Finally, we are launching an affiliate program for SafeKey. This program will provide affiliates with branded banners and other visuals, and it will allow them to earn a commission on all sales they bring in. We believe that this program will help us to reach a larger audience and turn partners, clients, and community members into ambassadors for SafeKey.


Comet is our browser wallet for Web3 and Safe Haven’s ecosystem. It can be used to manage your tokens and interact with decentralized applications.

Unfortunately, some parts of Comet V1 became deprecated some time ago and we temporarily had to delist it from the Google Chrome Store because of security reasons.

Instead of fixing the issues, we concluded it would be more efficient to redesign Comet and build a V2 from scratch.


Just as the SafeKey rebranding, rebranding for Comet has mostly been completed internally already as well.

The biggest part of the rebranding was focused on improving the UI/UX of the Comet wallet itself, which resulted in a fresh brand style and cleaner look for the overall Comet brand.

We’ll release some cool sneak peeks soon.

New website

As for every updated branding or improved product, the website has to be rebuilt as well. This will help us to better guide visitors through the different product features and available product documentation. Since we’re building a completely new Comet version from scratch, together with a fresh look, the website obviously needs a facelift as well.

New docs

The goal is to have the Comet docs cover everything from user guides to eventually technical documentation for developers about how to integrate Comet into their own dApps.

Comet V2

As mentioned above, Comet V1 became deprecated and is currently not available for new users to download. If you have Comet already installed, it should still work fine.

In the meantime, development for Comet V2 already started. We expect to be able to relaunch the massively improved version of Comet —for the VeChain network to begin with— in early 2023.

It’s our goal to make Comet the primary vehicle to navigate through the Safe Haven ecosystem and Web3 in general.

Multichain wallet

As mentioned earlier, we’re slowly entering a phase where being omnipresent and improving accessibility of the ecosystem will become more and more important for Safe Haven. As part of those principles —and to anticipate our long-term vision— we’ll be adding more and more blockchain networks to Comet over time. If we want to navigate through Web3, we have to broaden our horizons and serve multiple chains.

Integration of SafeNodes

Another thing we’d like to implement into Comet over time are the SafeNodes. We feel UX of the current SafeNode program can be improved and as part of improving the accessibility of the Safe Haven ecosystem, we’ll be looking into solutions to merge and/or improve our node program.

To be continued.

Integration of SafeSwap

Making as much of our products work together as possible is also a part of our vision for the Safe Haven ecosystem. So, what can we possibly do with a multichain wallet? Integrate a swapping feature directly into the wallet of course.

Fortunately, we built SafeSwap for this already and that’s why we’ll be able to integrate SafeSwap’s technology into Comet. This will enable you to execute atomic swaps between different chains, straight inside your own wallet, without the need of using additional tools or platforms.

Of course, you’ll still be able to just connect your Comet wallet to the SafeSwap platform as well.


Inheriti® is the flagship product of the Safe Haven ecosystem. It is a platform that helps users create encrypted backups and digital inheritance plans, using our patented Secure Share Distribution Protocol (SSDP).


We are planning to do a full rebranding of Inheriti®, just as we will be doing with Comet and SafeKey. Over the past few years, we have focused on building out our technology, and the branding for Inheriti® has become a bit outdated.

We’re going to make up for that soon.

New website

The current Inheriti® website is not representative of the technology and solution we have built. In order to make the website relevant again, help visitors understand the product, and take action to use it, we will be redesigning and rebuilding the Inheriti® website from scratch. The redesign will be based on the updated brand style and optimized product.

Inheriti® V2

Our goal with Inheriti® V2 is to improve the UI/UX massively. We want it to be ready for mass adoption. Our tech and protocols are ready, but the current Inheriti® platform limits the full potential of the solutions we’re actually able to offer. Thanks to rebranding Comet, SafeKey, and Inheriti itself, plus the introduction of SafeKey Pro and SafeKey Mobile, we’re now convinced more than ever that Inheriti® will be the game changer everyone is waiting for.

And although Inheriti® is built on top of blockchain technology, we are not just your average crypto project. We’re solving problems and building solutions with utility beyond crypto and blockchain. Therefore it’s important to understand how Inheriti® will attract both Web2 and Web3 users.

Inheriti® for Web2

When we talk about Web2, we are referring to the average internet user who uses social media, email and reads blogs, but does not have a self-custodied wallet or have an interest in decentralized or blockchain solutions. These users are primarily concerned with the solution itself (such as creating, managing, and owning their own backups and digital inheritances), rather than the underlying technology.

To better serve this audience, we will integrate fiat payment gateways into Inheriti, together with regular user authentication via SafeID. This way, users will not even realize that they are using blockchain technology.

This is what we used to refer to as the Inheriti Standard Edition (SE).

Behind the scenes, the SHA token will always be used to power the smart contracts, providing a win-win situation for both users and the platform.

Inheriti® for Web3

On the other side of Web2 users, you have web3 users. When talking about web3 users, we are referring to people in the crypto space who are specifically looking for decentralized solutions. People like you, our community.

These users navigate the web with their own self-custodied wallets, prefer crypto payments over fiat payments, and prefer to connect their wallet instead of signing up with their email address or other personal information.

With Inheriti® V2, web3 users will be able to connect their wallet to the platform and easily access all of its features and benefits.

This is what we used to call the Inheriti Community Edition (CE), which has been partially live and available for users to test out for some time.


As part of our goal to increase the accessibility of the Safe Haven ecosystem, specifically Inheriti®, we are planning to go multichain. This is why we built SafeSwap last year, to deploy our SHA token and smart contracts to multiple chains.

Currently, our SHA token is already available on multiple chains thanks to SafeSwap, but Inheriti® is still only running on VeChain.

Over the course of 2023, we will be adding multiple extra chains to Inheriti®, such as Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC.

As we continue to expand the number of available chains, we will provide more options for our users to choose from, ensuring that they have the ability to store their Inheriti plan shares on the chain that best fits their needs and preferences. This will make it even easier for users to create, manage, and access their digital inheritances, providing even greater control over their own digital assets.

Additional wallets

Another part of our goal to increase the accessibility and user-friendliness of the Safe Haven ecosystem is that we are planning to add support for additional wallets on Inheriti. This will allow our users to easily connect to the platform and authenticate using their preferred wallet, providing greater flexibility and control over their backups and digital inheritances.

Over the course of 2023, we will be adding support for multiple wallets, such as Comet, Venly, and MetaMask. This will allow our users to choose the wallet that best fits their needs and preferences, making it even easier to access and use Inheriti®.

We are committed to providing our users with the best possible experience, and adding support for additional wallets and chains is just one way that we are working to improve the accessibility and usability of our platform. We will continue to explore new ways to make Inheriti® even more user-friendly and accessible.

Affiliate Program

In addition to adding support for additional wallets and chains and as part of growing our reach, we are also excited to announce that we will be adding an affiliate program for Inheriti®. With this program, users will be able to earn SHA tokens by promoting Inheriti® to their friends and family.

Each user will receive their own referral link, which they can share with others to encourage them to sign up for Inheriti®. When someone uses their referral link to create an Inheriti account and complete a qualifying action, such as creating a new backup or digital inheritance plan, the user who provided the referral link will earn SHA tokens as a reward.

This affiliate program is a great way for our users to earn rewards for promoting Inheriti® and helping us grow our user base. We are excited to see how our users take advantage of this program and help us spread the word about the benefits of decentralized backups and digital inheritance planning.

Inheriti® Vault V1

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Inheriti Vault V1. The Inheriti Vault is a digital safe where you can store a multitude of digital possessions that you want others to inherit or that you simply want to back up for safekeeping. These digital possessions can include pictures, documents, recipes, multimedia files, illustrations, and spreadsheets, among other things.

Inheriti Vault is a cloud alternative for SafeKey Pro’s cold storage, and shareholder shares will be stored in the cloud on a decentralized network of Secure Share Storage Nodes. This solution reduces our 3-layer topology to a 2-layer model, making it easier to manage and access your digital inheritances and backups.

In addition to Inheriti Vault, we will -as you already know- also be releasing SafeKey Mobile, a mobile application that serves as a mobile share solution. With SafeKey Mobile, verified shareholders will be able to claim shares stored on Inheriti Vault, maintaining the 3-layer topology model.

Safe Haven Ecosystem

New docs

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the accessibility and user-friendliness of the Safe Haven ecosystem, we will be creating a comprehensive set of new documentation. This documentation will include everything from Safe Haven 101, which provides an introduction to the ecosystem and its products.

In addition to user-facing documentation, we will also be creating more detailed documentation about our ecosystem, products, and technology. This will include information about our tokenomics, patent and audit details, and FAQ.

We believe that clear, comprehensive documentation is an essential part of providing a great user experience, and we are committed to creating the best possible documentation for our users. We are excited to share these new resources with our community and we hope that they will help more people to understand and use the Safe Haven ecosystem.

Tokenomics V2

Our updated Safe Haven documentation will include a comprehensive overview of the tokenomics of the SHA token, covering everything you need to know. From token supply and distribution to utility and staking, we’ve got you covered.

We’re also including details on SafeNodes, reward pools, earning rewards, trading, wallets, and bridging so everyone can easily see how the SHA token fits into the larger Safe Haven ecosystem and how to manage your tokens.

We’re confident you’ll find the information you’re looking for.

More SafeSwap listings

SafeSwap is an atomic swapping protocol that allows users to easily swap tokens between different blockchains. Last year, SafeSwap reached an impressive milestone with over 1,000 swaps completed. Now, we are excited to announce that we are ready to list even more projects on SafeSwap. This means more opportunities for swaps, which in turn will generate more platform fees. A big part of these additional fees will be added to the rewards pool, providing even more utility rewards for stakers and SafeNode holders.

More Inheriti® third-party integrations

One of the key goals of the Inheriti® rebranding and website redesign is to make it easier for third parties to integrate Inheriti® into their own platforms. By providing a robust and user-friendly API, third-party developers will be able to easily add Inheriti® features to their own platforms, allowing users to create decentralized backups and digital inheritances with just a few clicks. This will increase the accessibility and reach of Inheriti®, making it even easier for users to access and use its features. We are excited about the potential for partnerships and integrations with third-party platforms and are looking forward to working with other companies to bring Inheriti® to even more users.

More CEX/DEX listings

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the availability and accessibility of the SHA token, we are looking to add SHA to more centralized exchanges (CEXes) and decentralized exchanges (DEXes). This will allow more users to easily buy and sell SHA, providing increased liquidity and access to the token.

We are always in discussions with several CEXes and DEXes and are confident that we will be able to add SHA to more exchanges in the near future.

Closing the Loop with Safe Haven Earn

The Safe Haven ecosystem is designed to be a fully integrated and interconnected network of products and services. Our products, including Inheriti®, SafeSwap and SafeKey, will have utility on multiple blockchains and be accessible through different wallets like our own Comet wallet. This will provide increased liquidity and accessibility for users, and generate utility fees that will be added to the rewards pool.

Overall, this creates a complete DeFi ecosystem where utility drives rewards, and community members have the opportunity to earn real rewards for their participation. It is a true “closing of the loop” where every component of the ecosystem is interconnected and serves a vital role in its success.

Community members and believers in Safe Haven can earn their share of the utility fees by staking SHA tokens or holding SafeNodes. This provides real yield and real utility rewards on their tokens, without the need for inflating the SHA token supply (which is impossible by design).

Automated staking interface

We will look into improving the UI/UX of the current staking process with the introduction of an automated staking interface. This new interface will provide a streamlined and user-friendly experience for stakers, allowing them to easily connect their Comet wallet and stake SHA tokens.

The staking dashboard will provide a full web3 and DeFi experience, with visualizations of rewards and other important stats. We believe that this improved staking experience will make it even easier for users to participate in the Safe Haven ecosystem and earn rewards for their contributions.

SafeNode NFTs

We are also looking into several solutions for improving the process of setting up and holding SafeNodes with the introduction of limited NFT series. Each SafeNode will be represented by a unique NFT that can be traded or held by users. Holding a SafeNode NFT will entitle the holder to additional rewards on top of the normal staking rewards.

This transformation will make it easier and more user-friendly for users to set up and hold SafeNodes, providing a more streamlined and enjoyable experience. We believe that the addition of NFTs will make SafeNodes even more appealing and valuable to users, and we are excited about the potential of this new development.

Business Nodes

We will be introducing Business Nodes to the Safe Haven ecosystem. These nodes are specifically designed for businesses that we’re partnering with and want to show their commitment to the Safe Haven ecosystem. Business Nodes will require a lockup of SHA tokens, increasing the utility, scarcity, and value of the SHA token. We are still working on the details and exact utility for Business Nodes, but we are excited about the potential benefits they will bring to our partners and the broader ecosystem.

We’ll publish an in-depth article about the business nodes soon, but current node holders can rest assured, the business nodes will have zero impact on SafeNodes or yield distribution. On the contrary, it will increase scarcity and value of the token.

The Future of Safe Haven

The future of Safe Haven looks bright, as we continue to focus on building out our ecosystem and improving the accessibility of our products. With the rebranding of Inheriti, SafeKey, and Comet, we are positioning ourselves to better serve both Web2 and Web3 users. Our goal is to create intuitive and user-friendly platforms that make it easy for people to access the benefits of blockchain technology without needing to be experts in the field.

In addition to our focus on user experience, we are also working on expanding the reach of our ecosystem. This includes adding more chains to Inheriti and SafeSwap, as well as exploring partnerships with third-party platforms to make our products more widely available.

We are also excited about the introduction of Business Nodes and SafeNode NFTs, which will give our partners and community members new ways to participate in the ecosystem and earn rewards. And with the upcoming release of SafeKey Mobile and the launch of our affiliate program, we are confident that we can continue to grow and build a strong community around Safe Haven.

Overall, we are committed to creating a full DeFi ecosystem that is easy to use, accessible to everyone, and provides real utility and rewards for our users. We believe that the future of Safe Haven is bright, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and build the best possible products for our community.

The Role of SafeTech

SafeTech is the research and development company behind the Safe Haven ecosystem. SafeTech’s mission is to create innovative solutions to real-world problems using blockchain and other cutting-edge technology.

As the driving force behind the development of the Safe Haven ecosystem, SafeTech has been instrumental in creating the products and protocols that make up the ecosystem. From the patented Secure Share Distribution Protocol (SSDP) that powers Inheriti® to the multichain capabilities of SafeSwap, SafeTech has silently been at the forefront of innovation in the blockchain space.

In the future, SafeTech will continue to be a driving force behind the growth and development of the Safe Haven ecosystem. With a focus on user experience and accessibility, SafeTech will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of decentralized finance and blockchain technology.

Whether it’s developing new products or improving existing ones, SafeTech will be dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for our users and community.

About Competition

As the number of competitors in the digital inheritance space continues to rise, many in our community have asked if we are worried about the growing competition. The short answer is no, we are not worried.

First and foremost, we believe that Inheriti is a truly unique platform. We are the only company with a patented protocol, the Secure Share Distribution Protocol (SSDP), which allows us to provide a truly decentralized, secure, and transparent solution for creating and managing digital inheritances.

Additionally, many of our competitors are not fully decentralized and do not use cold storage, which means that their solutions are not as secure as Inheriti. We have spent years building the technical fundamentals of our platform, and we are confident in the robustness and reliability of our technology.

We also believe that competition is a good thing. It shows that the problem we are solving – helping people create and manage their encrypted backups and digital inheritances – is becoming increasingly important and relevant. As more and more people become aware of the importance of planning for their digital assets and online accounts, we expect the competition to continue to grow.

But rather than worrying about our competitors, we are focusing on building the best possible platform for our users. We are constantly working to improve Inheriti and provide the most secure, user-friendly, and accessible solution for creating and managing digital inheritances.

In the end, it is our users who will determine which platform is the best, and we are confident that Inheriti will rise to the top. We believe that our patented protocol, commitment to building a robust and reliable platform, and focus on providing a truly decentralized and secure solution will set us apart from the competition and ensure that Inheriti remains the best platform for creating and managing encrypted backups and digital inheritances.

Final Words and A Message to Our Community

As we continue to build and improve the Safe Haven ecosystem, we want to thank our community for their support and belief in our vision. We are committed to creating products and solutions that provide real utility, security, and value for our users, and we are excited about the future of Safe Haven.

We believe that our ecosystem has the potential to make a real impact in the world, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with our community to make that happen. We look forward to continuing to share our progress and developments with you, and we are excited to see what the future holds for Safe Haven.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.


The Safe Haven team

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