A message to the Safe Haven community from CEO Logino Dujardin - Safe Haven

A message to the Safe Haven community from CEO Logino Dujardin

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It is with great pride that I look back on 2018 and am able to quantify Safe Haven’s efforts time and time again. With the holiday season fast approaching, we will take short break to spend time with those closest to us. The upcoming year is imminent; I promise it will be even more exciting than the last.

During 2018 the talented Safe Haven team was solidified. Together, we became motivated to become a global player in digital inheritance on the blockchain. After a handful of agreements with various authorities and financial advisors, we completed our first working product.

In our pursuit of becoming a global player, we found that something was missing: a supportive network that could grow with our solutions. This network was found in VeChain. Thanks to this network, our advisors CREAM, VeChain, Sunny,… and the community, we have realized what we never thought was possible — our Token Generation Event was completed in minutes. ThorBlock was launched, the Trust Alliance Network is ready, the Inheritance Platform BETA is on the horizon, and we’ve had the opportunity to present our solutions to several corporate organizations and governments.

I promise that 2019 will exceed our previous year. Next year will deliver partnerships and revenue-building. Next year will bring adoption brought on by financial and government institutions through the support and distribution of our products. Next year our focus is to become the asset management platform on the market. Very soon we will release an announcement that will indicate how we will achieve these goals.

We count on you to promote Safe Haven in the blockchain world. You have been crucial in shaping our organization, process, and goals. Our success is your success!

Thanks for a great 2018. Get ready for an unforgettable 2019!

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