A Robust Economic Model: Safe Haven Showcases the Safe Masternode Program and Introduces the Governance Model - Safe Haven

A Robust Economic Model: Safe Haven Showcases the Safe Masternode Program and Introduces the Governance Model

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One of the most pivotal aspects of Safe Haven is our economic model. This model will dictate the stability and interest the project will garner. It is for these reasons it took us numerous discussions to ensure every aspect of our economic model meets the needs of our future ecosystem and community building goals.

Masternodes are an integral part of token economies. Strategically, they ensure necessary stability that large economies of scale require. As we continue to build the Safe Haven ecosystem, its stability must be reliable. To ensure its reliability, we will look to our community masternode holders.

Community members who provide stability to our ecosystem will be rewarded with advantages and privileges for their dedication. Not only are they rewarded based on initial dedication, but also for how long they are dedicated. Philosophically, masternodes are prized possessions held by those who establish themselves as vested members of blockchain communities.

Those who maintain a masternode are considered “veterans” of their respective communities. Organizations that offer masternodes consider holders of such to be an extension of the organization and often address their interests within future developments, even soliciting their opinions.

It is with great pleasure we present Safe Nodes: the masternode program that powers the Safe Haven protocol. Below you will see the entirety of the time-sensitive, tiered reward model:

Rewards for Node Holders

With Safe Haven undergoing the next stage in its evolution, it is imperative for our brand to grow and offer advantages to all SHA holders; therefore, we created a pool monitored by the Safe Haven Government. This pool will collect fees from the Safe Haven platforms’ usage and API key integrations in other solutions we provide to our partners.

The fees themselves will vary from platform to platform and only a percentage of those fees will be collected within the pool. Each solution when formally announced will provide the amount it dedicates to the pool. The Safe Haven Government will distribute those fees on a monthly basis to all masternode holders based on their status.

How much rewards will SHA holders receive?

P = Total Pool amount generated by using the Safe Haven Platforms

W = Reward per Connect Node (1,000,000 SHA)

X = W * 2.66 reward per Harbor Node (2,500,000 SHA)

Y = W * 10.66 reward per Consensus Node (10,000,000 SHA)

Z = W * 19 reward per Legacy Node (30,000,000 SHA)

P = ((P * W)/CN) + ((P * X)/HN) + ((P * Y)/CS) + ((P * Z)/LN)

Node Maturity Period

“Node Maturity Period” is a term used in the VeChain ecosystem. It refers to a wallet that has the amount needed to qualify for a particular node and stored within a single VeChain wallet. Once the designated amount is reached the Node Maturity Period begins. When the maturity period ends and the quantity of SHA stored in the wallet does not drop below the threshold, the node status will be officially designated and rewards will begin to generate.

Confused? Here’s an example:

Sophie has 1,000,000 SHA in her VeChain wallet and decides to buy an additional 1,500,000 SHA. Once she properly deposits the additional 1,500,000 [totaling 2,500,000] SHA in her wallet, the maturity period will start counting. Forty-five days later, Sophie’s wallet address becomes a full Harbor Node and will be eligible for rewards given by the company.

Let’s say that you missed the May 1st snapshot and then deposited 10mio SHA into your VeChainThor Wallet thereafter. Though you have put in the necessary amount of SHA required to validate a Consensus Node, you will first have to allow 30 days to pass and activate at the Connect Node level, then wait an additional 45 days to upgrade to the Harbor Node level, and finally wait the 60 days required to activate your Consensus Node. The total days required to reach the Consensus Node level in this example is 135 days.

Masternode Start Date & Required SHA Amount

Masternode maturity period and start date will be announced in the coming weeks. We expect that it should be an additional unannounced roadmap milestone within Q1. We want to give the SHA community sufficient time to evaluate which node would best suit their individual needs and transfer any balances into their designated SHA wallet within the VeChainThor mobile wallet.

Note: As mentioned above, masternodes are not currently live. Upon the activation announcement, wallets that hold the designated amount for any corresponding masternode will immediately be given active node status. Any future nodes or upgrades to a higher level node will be subject to the maturity period.

Safe Haven Ambassador Program

The Safe Haven Ambassador program will allow members of the community to setup and host Safe Haven events locally. Events that are approved by Safe Haven will be fully funded and marketing materials will be provided to the ambassador to ensure their success. More information will be delivered in the coming weeks corresponding to this program.

Safe Haven Government

Safe Haven believes a well-governed community is the key to longevity, growth, and stability. Making an actionable governance system that matches the identity we envision for our product, is the base on which we built our ecosystem. At its core, Safe Haven does not believe in a fully anarchically decentralization, nor does it believe in totalitarian governance.

The Safe Haven Government ensures the development, innovation, coordination, and advancement of the Safe Haven ecosystem. The Government includes the founders, Legacy node holders, strategic advisors, and stakeholders. You can also expect more information in the coming weeks corresponding to this program.

As always, we want to thank the Safe Haven community and the VeChain ecosystem for their relentless support. Stay tuned for upcoming news about Safe Node activation and correlated reward descriptions.

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