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Distribution and Enhancement of Utility Rewards within the Safe Haven Product Suite

Safe Haven manages multiple DeFi products, that all require services to be paid in $SHA, and this article will provide an overview of the potential utility rewards to be shared by Node Holders — when products are added or amended within the suite, protocols are implemented by the foundation to benefit the holders soft-locking large amounts of $SHA tokens via Nodes!

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Discover Our Improved Node Reward System for Safe Node Holders

One of our Q1 2022 Roadmap items is an improved Node Reward System. The most important benefit in this system is receiving a share of the node rewards pool.

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What is The Role Of SHA in SafeSwap and How Does It Affects Safe Haven’s Tokenomics?

We are excited to release SafeSwap as part of Safe Haven's trusted ecosystem as it unlocks an important community reward mechanism for Safe Haven token (SHA) tokenomics.

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Announcing the Safe Node Application Release, Snapshot Date and Node Activation

The time has come to introduce the Safe Node Application and Node Activation details; a highly anticipated release for the Safe Haven community. In keeping with our roadmap, we utilized (almost) every moment that we had to ensure that this particular release left nothing to be desired. We also have stated that this release would address not only the completion of the App itself, but also afford one last opportunity for the community to position themselves accordingly prior to the snapshot date.

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A Robust Economic Model: Safe Haven Showcases the Safe Masternode Program and Introduces the Governance Model

One of the most pivotal aspects of Safe Haven is our economic model. This model will dictate the stability and interest the project will garner. It is for these reasons it took us numerous discussions to ensure every aspect of our economic model meets the needs of our future ecosystem and community building goals.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Our Projection for the First Half of 2019

Safe Haven would like to wish everyone in our community and our extended VeChainThor family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Last week we did small recap on 2018: we had an exciting year. We thought, “When better than before Christmas to release a sneak peek of what you can expect to see within the first half of 2019?” Remember roadmaps can fluctuate and are not set in stone, however, you can expect we will do our very best to maintain our timeline. The milestones listed below are in no particular order other than grouped according to quarter.

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