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Belgian Entrepreneurs Create First Inheritable Digital Asset

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Nearly every day, someone or some news outlet releases a story about lost Bitcoins, Litecoins or various other digital assets. Typically, the loss can be pinned to carelessness, misplacement of private keys, death, or even hard-forked blockchain mistakes. The crypto-space is young, both in age and investor demographic. With it comes an understandable lack of concern for if these digital assets were to be lost due to an unforeseeable circumstance such as death. Let’s face it; no-one is invincible and who is to say when something terrible may occur. So what then happens to your digital assets? Well for one, your Bitcoins may become part of the estimated 4 million that are assumed to be lost forever due to general human and transactional error, (As this is being written, Bitcoin’s current value is $14,280 equating to just over $57 billion dollars in lost assets). As mentioned earlier, the youth and pace of this space does not allow time to make note of something that ultimately will occur; death (and taxes).

These lost Bitcoins are truly, lost. This may mean that the access point to your assets is gone and they [assets] may never be recovered by your heirs. It is likely that in time of need, your family would need access to any assets, right? These facts may justify some of the hesitation traditional investors have in choosing Bitcoin as an investment or store of value.

Although, Bitcoin and other digital assets are prone to loss; either by error or the fact of life mentioned above, does not mean that you have to bare all of the risks if you wish to share in the profits. Thanks to Belgian Entrepreneurs Jürgen Schouppe, Logino Dujardin and Andy Demeulemeester; founders of Safe Haven and minds behind the Safe Haven Digital Asset (SHA DA), you now can have peace of mind in protecting your digital legacy and ensure your family has access to your assets if ever necessary.

The SHA DA is the only truly secure and 100% inheritable digital asset to date. Safe Haven’s platform incorporates cutting edge features and revolutionary technologies such as the Ethereum Blockchain, smart contracts, and their very own patented Trust Alliance Program that allows their SHA tokens to be extremely secure and inheritable while still granting the investor liquidity and complete control over his funds as they grow in value. Safe Haven provides a security feature some have been waiting for, but all should be considering; how your loved ones would gain proper access to your digital legacy when you are gone. To learn more about how Safe Haven’s technology works and how to become an investor in their upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO); visit, Safe Haven where you can meet the team, read their vision and review the technical white paper behind the technology. Safe Haven expects to hold their ICO in the first quarter of 2018.


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