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What is our vision
for the future?

If you’re on this page, you certainly already invested in crypto currencies and hopefully gained some profit out of it.
A lot of people are purchasing and investing in crypto currencies in order to establish financial independence, or simply to have some savings for their children.

Whatever the reason may be, it all comes down to this; we need to think about protecting those assets for ourselves, and also for our relatives.
Basically at Safe Haven we offer you a way to help you establish this in a way that is revolutionary in the block chain industry.

If you are interested in more information about our project, please feel free to download our white paper and join us in our revolution by apply your email on our homepage.


Making assets inheritable!

As the world becomes increasingly interested in cryptocurrency, exchanges and wallets are becoming very popular. So protecting those private keys / seeds or passphrases are becoming a real problem.

You can follow a lot of methods in order to safe guard your keys such as minimising access to them or using cryptographic hardware storage devices to just name a few of them...

But what do most people do? They write them down or upload them on a centralised cloud platform in order not to lose them so other people could access those keys / seeds the day they are not around anymore. This is understandable because there are no alternatives!

Safe Haven is going to revolutionise this market as it solves a real problem in the community. We are desperately in need of a solution that guarantees the safe and secure passage of those keys / seeds to our relatives the day that we are not around anymore also, we allow the user to have complete access while he/she is still around. Please read our white paper or view our wiki page to know all about it.


Protect your digital assets while reassuring your relatives!

In order to protect your digital assets, we at Safe Haven give you the opportunity to do so without locking yourself out.
Seeds / private-keys / passphrases can be shared amongst stakeholders or children in a transparent and secure way.

Our Protocol distributes the shares in such a way that the initiator keeps, at all cost, the control over his assets.


The Family Circle Share Distribution Protocol

Safe Haven's Family Circle is a group that can be composed of anyone the user chooses from family to friends or stakeholders. The TFC SDP is a protocol developed by Safe Haven in order to establish a circle of trust in our eco-system.

Take for instance a dealer (the person that wants to protect his legacy) and players (his children and the validator [legal entity]). The dealer will divide his seeds/key into several shares so that if anything ever happens to the user his children can reconstruct the key by merging their shares, but not without the share of the validator, which through a smart contract, is stocked on the blockchain in a secure and transparent manner.

SHA Trust Alliance

Safe Haven's Trust Alliance

The TAN is an autonomous social networking hub for blockchain related legal affairs. The goal is to connect lawyers and notaries that specialize in crypto currencies to crypto investors and enthusiasts. The TAN is a hub for legal related blockchain information, articles, laws, etc. The TAN is world’s first legal reference for distributed ledger/blockchain applications, users, and companies.

Legal entities are also able to offer their services and highlight their fields of specialization for potential clients. A profile page will become available for each legal entity containing their contact information, remunerations details, and a short description of themselves and their services.

If you are a legal entity willing to join our Alliance, please send an inquiry to [email protected] and we will get in touch with you as soon as we work out our legal platform. We will be launching a dedicated trust alliance portal very soon in order to answer any legal questions. As soon as our portal is launched, legal entities will be able to subscribe (legal certification documents will need to be provided upon subscription). The users will be asked to pay an annual fee in order to obtain a subscription to our services.


Our key milestones during our development process

Listing partners


Our team of experts

Jürgen is founder and brain behind the Safe Haven Trust Alliance platform. Jürgen has over 10-year experience in developing and network security for the European Parliament in Brussels. Jürgen is also founder from several companies in the IT sector.

Jürgen Schouppe

Founder / Security Architect

Logino is an entrepreneur and passionate about Account Managing. With his years of experience in a multinational environment he is the guy in the right place to bring Safe Haven to the next level. Logino has co-founded Safe Haven to solve a problem the market is facing now.

Logino Dujardin

Co-Founder / Account Manager

Andy is a crypto enthusiast, co-founder of Safe Haven and co-developer for the Safe Haven platform. Andy has more than 10 years of experience in various developer languages and platforms. He uses his high skills to work for international companies. Andy has an exceptional open-minded vision and is perfectionist.

Andy Demeulemeester

Co-Founder / Software Architect

Andrew have been interested in the cryptospace since 2011 and is creator and founder of and His expertise relies on hash protocols, distributed computing and mathematical physics.

Andrew Kamal

Blockchain Architect

Alain is Network and System (Unix) Freelancer engineer for European Institutions and Open Source Developer (current main developer eve-ng Alain is a very skilled Network Engineer, System Administrator and Developer (in many languages). He provides timely status reporting and is an easy communicator.

Alain Degreffe

DevOps-Software Engineering

Karim is an IT Security professional where he specialises for the last 10 years in the field of IT Security SIEM Cybersecurity. Karim joins Safe Haven as IT Compliance officer, Data protection and Privacy GDPR. Karim has 14 years of experience as an IT professional covering diverse platforms and security issues.

Karim Archok

GDPR Consultant

Destiny is a U.S. securities lawyer. He focuses his practice on public offerings/going public transactions, reverse mergers, initial coin offerings (ICOs), private placements, mergers & acquisitions, public company filings, PIPEs, secondary offerings and other corporate finance work in the middle market/microcap space.

Destiny Aigbe

U.S. Securities Counsel

Dieter was a law student at the law university in Ghent. He accomplished his 3th license at Universidad Cantabria in Spain. (Option European Law). Dieter is a specialist in corporate and entrepreneur law. He is also author from the book "The board of a SPRL".

Dieter Stockman

Lawyer - Legal Advisor

Danielle comes to Safe Haven with a background in English and Education. She has experience in newspaper content writing and publishing, as well as editing. Her graduate degree is in Curriculum and Instruction, giving her a unique perspective on writing for a multitude of audiences and purposes.

Danielle Ambrosia

Press Manager

Ivan is a 4 year experienced digital marketeer with a sharp knowledge and vision in marketing and advertising. He is studying on the Algebra University College which is the only one in Europe for digital marketing. With his outside the box thinking andhis skills he is dedicated to each project with an unique approach.

Ivan Pauker

Digital Marketer

Luke is a serial entrepeneur who has gained extensive experience in E-Commerce, Digital Marketing and Public Relations over the last 5 years. He has experience founding and managing multiple startups in the united states and is knowledgeable in the cryptocurrency and investment space.

Luke Yaldo

Public Relations Manager

Hadrian is a United States based entrepreneur with extensive experience in Public Relations, Marketing, Content Writing, and Human Resources. He has legal experience as well and is pursuing a law degree.

Hadrian Matti

Public Relations TAN

Carlos Reyes

Community Moderator

Josh Finley

Community Moderator

Aaron Myslinski

Community Moderator


Our team of advisors

Bert Schelfhout (33) is advisor in The Flemish Parliament (Belgium). He's core activities involve entrepreneurship, politics & real estate investing. As former president of the Young Libertarians in Belgium he is a natural born networker and strong in connecting people. Bert is passionate about Artifical Intelligence and Blockchain. He is an associate of China Blockchain Partners.

Bert Schelfhout

Policy Advisor

Oliver is very well-known in the crypto and blockchain community. Oliver is one of the UK’s leading serial entrepreneurs and blockchain influencers. A London School of Economics graduate and founder of, Oliver has become a respected figure in the tech world as well as a leading advisor to social media influencers, Fortune 500 CEOs and tech investors alike.

Oliver Isaacs

ICO Advisor

Jeff is a Social Media Advisor with 6 years of experience in optimizing content for a mobile audience. A Cryptocurrency enthusiast who provides market insight for Altcoin Buzz.


Social Media Advisor

Shashwat is also advisor for Safex and Taskfair and the Head of Business Deployment & Content for YouTube channel Altcoin Buzz. Shashwat has over 10-year work experience with core strengths In Business Development and Market Strategy combined with a legal background.

Shashwat Gupta

Growth Advisor

Tuna is a blockchain enthusiast with 10 years of retail branding / management experience. Passionate about token value longevity modeling and is creator of the POR protocol. Besides giving ico advisory for the private investment funds, Tuna also actively takes role in Quantstamp Community Team and Experty Community Partner Team.

Tuna Özen

Brand Advisor

Rick comes to Safe Haven with extensive experience as an IM & SEO Specialist and is CEO of an industry leading international outdoor adventure and client acquisition company for the past 26 years. He carries a passion for building B2B relationships within all bleeding-edge tech up to and including the blockchain and crypto-sphere.

Rick Kennerknecht

Crypto Exchange Listing Consultant

Thomas comes to Safe Haven with an extensive background in business management. He possess a highly desired mix of traditional and crypto-space marketing techniques, along with a wealth of start-up experience, analytical prowess and strong focus on community engagement.

Thomas Ambrosia

Community Marketing and Business Advisor



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