BlackVeMarket and Safe Haven Establish an All-in-One Partnership to Provide DeFi Inheritance Services for NFT Projects Building on Their Marketplace! - Safe Haven

BlackVeMarket and Safe Haven Establish an All-in-One Partnership to Provide DeFi Inheritance Services for NFT Projects Building on Their Marketplace!

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BlackVeMarket (BVM) provides an online web3 platform enabling clients to buy and sell NFTs in a decentralized manner; the marketplace houses many NFT projects and artist collections, all of which will gain Inheriti® support from this partnership, along with any project or artist that ports to the marketplace at later dates.

Who is Safe Haven and What Services are Available?

Building DeFi solutions since 2017, Safe Haven has developed patented fintech capable of managing, storing, and transferring digital data to another entity in a decentralized manner via Inheriti® SSDP protocols; other DeFi solutions offered within the ecosystem include masternode solutions, wallet management systems, pooling services, atomic swapping services, and additional services still in development.

Community members who provide stability to our ecosystem will be rewarded with advantages and privileges for their dedication — read this article to get started if interested (Link:

Who is BVM and What Services are Available?

Conceptualized during November of 2021, Murtagh and his team built the BlackVeMarket to service artists and projects utilizing NFTs on the VeChain blockchain. The marketplace supports NFTs from the following categories – official projects with planned play-to-earn gaming, music, art, cartoon, and collectibles – with aspirations to grow and provide more platform features.

Visit BVM’s official web3 platform:

BVM Plans to Integrate the SHA Utility Token with Their Platform!

BlackVeMarket will add support for Safe Haven’s utility token, so that artists and collectors can buy/sell their NFTs on the marketplace utilizing SHA tokens, which will increase the need for users of platform to hold additional SHA. This creates a welcoming environment for artists and collectors in the Safe Haven community, whom might even desire to explore creating NFT collections of their own, specifically collections that utilize SHA tokenomics.

Which NFT Projects will Receive an Inheriti® Integration?

Safe Haven will be integrating Inheriti® with each of the NFT projects listed below, along with new projects porting later, so that all NFTs can be protected by their community with a decentralized inheritance or personal backup plan. Each project will have a special referall link and possibly obtain a percentage of services fees, for plans being made via link, if clients opt to select their referall field within the Inheriti® Referall section. Our organization requested each entity to provide some background information and future plans of development for their project; read their responses below!

1) VeThugs and VeShawties in Thugs Paradise

VeThugs is the genesis collection where it all began, but the VeShawties NFT drop is next, and both NFT collections will have special missions that are limited to NFT character-types; both of these NFT collections will be playable characters in the Thugs Paradise game.

Thugs Paradise will be an NFT play-to-earn game with multiple NFT projects integrated in-game, meaning there will be many supported NFT collections that can access and earn rewards by playing with their character. The game will have its own VeStacks token ($VST) that players will be able to earn by completing various hustles and missions. The game is currently in development and is expected to be ready in Q3 of 2022.

The project started with the two friends, @Murtagh300 and @CryptovsBabylon, whom were hanging out together and brainstorming about their dreams to start up a creative cryptocurrency and NFT business; dreams became reality and it all went very quick from there – the ultimate goal is to have an open 2D ‘metaverse’ like world where players can meet each other, hang out, hustle their way to the top, and earn lots of VeStacks tokens.

Project URL:

2) Venonymous, by @SillyOnion972 and @Dryraisans

Venonymous is an NFT collection of 2000 Venons hacking their way to the block chain on April 1st – our project is focused on creating valuable VNFTs and passive income for all holders.

You can expect quarterly airdrops for all holders, and we have plans for attribute-based giveaways every month! This means each month we will pick an attribute, and if you hold a Venon NFT with that attribute, you win; prizes will range from cryptocurrency, VNFTs, and even physical prizes attached to the blockchain!

Our project will also hold 2 $SHA nodes and use the profits to payout holders of Venon NFTs! Remember, our supply is limited, this means more passive income for all of you Venons. The plan is to payout 100% of node #1’s profits to all holders, distributed based on how many Venons you hold.Node #2 is where it gets exciting… every time our nodes payout, we will enter every wallet holding 3 or more Venons into a drawing; there will be 3 winners to split 30% of the 2nd nodes profit!!

What we do with the remaining profit from the 2nd node is up to the community. That’s right, we vote on everything! You guys will help steer this project to the moon.

Project Discord:

3) No Nerds Inc

No Nerds Inc is a collaboration project, managed amongst several longtime VeChain holders, that sets out to reward the most loyal VeFam members while having a bit of fun along the way. No Nerds Inc created their first NFT project with Anti-N.E.R.D Tablets; originally conceived as a running joke amongst the founding members, “Nerds” (or N.E.R.D’s – short for “Negatively Enforced Retail Dealers”) are responsible for negative selling pressure and were in need of special Anti-N.E.R.D medicine to get them feeling bullish once again.

Although Anti-N.E.R.D Tablets started as a joke, No Nerds Inc quickly turned them into a very real NFT centered around a few core principles – affordability, simplicity, and rewards. The tablets were intended to be affordable for VeFam at any stage of their crypto journey, while also rewarding holders through a variety of methods depending on the amount of NFTs held, which include a share of aftermarket sales, airdrops of a community-based token ($UNION), and whitelists for future No Nerds Inc projects.

Meanwhile, the project looked to strike a balance between a great design and rarity system that was interesting enough for the experienced NFT buyer, yet simple enough to be enjoyed by newer NFT enthusiasts as well. Future projects from No Nerds Inc include the “Union Membership NFT” and “Bullys” art collection. The Union Membership NFT will increase rewards for holders with exclusive whitelists, revenue sharing from Union activities, and several additional ongoing perks.

The Bullys collection will be No Nerds Inc’s premier NFT art collection. This series will continue much of the “Anti-Nerd” fun, as witnessed with the Anti-N.E.R.D tablet series, but with elevated artwork and more intricate attributes. Bullys will additionally continue to grant holders a share of aftermarket sales, as seen in previous No Nerds Inc projects, but this time at an even greater rate. Don’t forget, NFTs in the No Nerd Inc projects accumulate daily $UNION tokens per NFT held, so make sure to start collecting early and protect your keys with Inheriti® to ensure access is never lost!

Project URL:

4) RatVerse

RatVerse is a French project built on the VeChain blockchain that aims to create a play-to-earn “Rat Race” game. Players will be able to earn crypto daily by racing with their NFT; there will be many types of races – such as the “Bet Race” that allows you to pool bets with others and compete for the pooled prizes – where you can win additional crypto/NFT rewards in events to be announced as leagues!

We would also like to bestow passive rewards linked to future planned real estate projects, for the holders of our NFT Genesis collection, but more information will be provided as we near the drop of our next NFT collection. Play-to-earn concepts will be a major asset in the early stages of our project; if we do well throughout development of the “Rat Race” game, and gain strong support from the VeFam, then there will be a Metaverse soon to follow!

Our organization sincerely believes that we can be one of the major players of tomorrow with our project and we plan to utilize the VeChain blockchain to capitalize on all possible benefits.
– Founder of RatVerse (Fabio)

Project URL:

5) Vemons

Vemons is a project created by the artist FingaBang. Holders will be able to utilize Vemon NFTs within a special themed blockchain fighting game, obtain access to the Vemons comic book series that will drop every 6 weeks once started, and link their NFT as PFPs for social media platforms; the fighting game will eventually have leagues, a world championship, and the comic series will be starring Vemons from the NFT collection.

There were 6 generals recruited by Stan, the leader of the underworld whom slayed Satan with his bare hands, all of whom have different objectives. Each general represents a color and theme, but only four colors have been revealed thus far – Morzan (red Vemons leader, ‘Hell risen Earthling’), Babylon (blue Vemons leader, ‘ Marketeer of Hell’), Klukle (purple Vemons leader, ‘Darkest of em All’), and Haven aka Nebula (green Vemons leader, ‘Bringer of Peace’).

Will you side with Morzan to overthrow Stan and bring tyrany to earth, or will you join Haven in bringing peace to hell by saving their souls?

Project URL:

6) Vlippos

We wanted to have a blast from our past and relive some precious childhood memories; that is why we started Vlippos, it was imprinted in our minds from days past. With Vlippos, we strive to provide new aspiring artists and collectors a platform that gives back to the community via airdrops linked to NFTs within our ecosystem.

Our team has been giving all sort´s of prizes away, almost every 100 minted Vlippos, combined with low minting prices to provide a gentle step into the NFT world; our holders/minters will be rewarded with prizes, future airdrops, and whitelisting positions for new artist NFT drops – We are Vlippos!

Project URL:

7) SquiddiEz

Quite some time ago, a lonely old fisherman was out on the waters of the great Pacific Ocean. He was scrolling through his Vechain NFT portfolio, when suddenly a giant wave swelled up and tossed his phone in to the depths of the sea.

As the fisherman screamed in agony over the loss of his phone, a bolt of lightning struck the sinking device and caused a miracle to happen. Every squid in the ocean was infused with Vechain coding and began to develop unique human-like characteristics; they grew smarter, more sophisticated over time, and continue to evolve till this day – these creatures have come to be known as SquiddiEz.

125 SquiddiEz are available for mint during the first NFT drop, via the BlackVeMarket, on February 11th for 200 vet each. Collectors of SquiddiEz will have opportunities to evolve their SquiddiEz to SuperSquiddiEz, be air dropped royalties earned from secondary sales, and most importantly be part of a fun and rapidly growing community. There will be a drop of SquiddiEz in each quarter of 2022 for a total of 500 this year.

Project URL:

8) VeBudz – 420VeFam

420VeFam aspires to be the go-to community for likeminded individuals that live, appreciate, or are interested in 420 culture and VeChain NFTs – a relaxed lifestyle, having a good time and memeing is what we stand for.
With VeBudz being the genesis project, 5000 unique PFP weed strain buds accompanied by plenty of fun attributes are coming to the BlackVeMarket dispensary in Q1 of 2022.

The 420VeFam project is bigger than most realize, which will be revealed as launch approaches, and the community is an important aspect of our identity; we will focus our efforts towards providing entertaining and fun future projects – the goal is to build a legacy that will leave its mark within the VeChain NFT space.

Project Discord:

9) Banner Boi, by @Zima_NFT

Banner Boi is an NFT project Zima created to shed light on a seemingly untapped market within the NFT space. The goal is to hopefully bring the idea of generative banner NFT projects to the forefront of the space, alongside PFP projects, and help newer artists in the community have a medium to showcase their art and be seen as well.

The project contains a collection of 2000 generative banner VNFTs, all with unique traits focused around the community, with each piece is specifically made for Twitter banner resolution size (1500px by 500px) – a great way to showcase more artwork on your profile; future plans of the project is to create more banners and styles for additional platforms to help get banner NFTs on the map!

Project Discord:
Twitter by

How will Inheriti® be Integrated to BVM and the Other NFT Platforms?

BlackVeMarket will add a button on each user’s profile page that will state, ‘Establish Decentralized Inheritance’, which will prompt them to the Inheriti® web3 platform for plan establishment – there will also be an educational page added to the BVM platform, accompanied by a similar button, which will have basic information of how to establish a DeFi inheritance or backup plan via Inheriti®.

Once the user is brought to the Inheriti® website, and they create an account or login with their existing SafeID account, the BVM referall will automatically be selected to receive a portion of service fees associated with plans made via link. Users will have the option to equally distribute the service fee with multiple partnered entities displayed within the Inheriti® Referall section.

Each NFT partner gained through BVM will have the option to implement an educational page with their referall link; integration time will depend on the speed in which web-developers of said projects can implement the coding!

How Does Inheriti® Work?

Inheriti® is a web3 platform enforced with SSD (secure share distribution) protocols that utilize military-grade encryption (AES-256) to mask and fragment secret data into multiple shares for cold-storage. All beneficiary shares are stored on pin-code protected FIDO2+SSDP SafeKey devices, while validator and backup shares are stored on the blockchain. To unlock the inheritable data, all beneficiaries must meet with the Merge Authority to trigger the DMS (deadman switch). Once the amount of time passes for the DMS to deactivate, all beneficiaries meet with the Merge Authority to merge beneficiary shares with the unlocked validator share.

View our security and audit reports here (

What is Required to Establish a DeFi Inheritance or Personal Backup Plan?

The Community Edition of Inheriti® equips the client with a lifetime inheritance or personal backup plan. It costs 10k SHA tokens for the plan, plus an additional 2k SHA tokens per backup share. SafeKeys are utilized to store beneficiary and Merge Authority plan shares, so one will be needed per individual. However, Inheriti® Mobile is launching in 2022 and the application will enable owner of estate to prompt beneficiaries to store plan shares on their mobile device — this will greatly reduce the costs for those seeking additional options.

If you would like to view a step-by-step walkthrough, please visit the Inheriti® FAQ site (

How Does This Partnership Benefit BVM and Safe Haven?

BlackVeMarket bolsters the security and longevity sector of its marketplace – along with metaverse and gaming ecosystems of all partnered NFT projects – by ensuring gamers and collectors can safeguard NFTs, VST tokens, and any other tokens with a decentralized inheritance or personal backup plan, which increases the frequency of Inheriti® utilization through plan esatblishment.

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

To increase awareness for this partnership, Safe Haven has collaborated with BlackVeMarket and The Virtual Flame to discuss more information pertaining to the partnership in The Virtual Flame’s next Twitter Space, scheduled on Febuary 14th at 3pm EST!

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


Be sure to keep up with our official channels!


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