Bored Apes XRP Club Partners with Safe Haven to Integrate DeFi Inheritance Protocols via V1 Inheriti® Integration! - Safe Haven

Bored Apes XRP Club Partners with Safe Haven to Integrate DeFi Inheritance Protocols via V1 Inheriti® Integration!

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Bored Apes XRP Club is fortifying security and recovery methods for their ecosystem, by partnering with Safe Haven and integrating Inheriti®, to ensure all NFTs within their current and future collections remain accessible via decentralized inheritance or personal backup protocols.

What is the Cost to Utilize Inheriti® Services and Why is it Important?

Users can create a lifetime decentralized personal backup and/or inheritance plan for the cost of 10k SHA tokens; without decentralized recovery protocols, all NFTs and cryptocurrency would become lost forever if owner of estate loses access to wallet storing said tokens – Inheriti® reduces the risk of losing utility tokens and NFTs within metaverses, or any other ecosystem utilizing digital assets to function, enabling investors to feel more confident about the survival of their investments.

Visit Inheriti® to Create a Plan:

How to set up a decentralized inheritance plan:

How To Setup A Decentralized Inheritance Plan?

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View the Security and Audit Reports:

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How will Inheriti® be Integrated within Bored Apes XRP Club?

On Bored Apes XRP Club’s website (, a page defining the importance of Inheriti® will be added to the platform with a button that directs users to establish a decentralized inheritance/backup plan via the Bored Apes XRP Club referral link — each plan made via link will reward 5% of the service fee to the wallet address listed within the contract filed between Safe Haven and Bored Apes XRP Club

Once the user is brought to the Inheriti® website, and they create an account or login with their existing SafeID account, the Bored Apes XRP referral will automatically be selected to receive a portion of service fees associated with plans made via link. Users will have the option to equally distribute the service fee with multiple partnered entities displayed within the Inheriti® Referral section.

Who are Bored Apes XRP Club?

Bored Apes XRPL is the first #BoredApeClub built on the XRP Ledger – the collection consists of 10,000 NFTs that provide unique artwork, utility, lore, crypto-related memes, and an insatiable lust for bananas to the holders.

Benefits of Being a Holder

Holding a Bored Apes XRP Club NFT provides holders many lucrative benefits, such as having a personalized avatar within the xApes metaverse, airdrop rewards of exclusive NFTs, tickets to club events (club events – meetings in real life to online events such as poker and movie nights).

How to Join the Bored Apes XRP Club?

To become a member, you’ll need to have a Bored Apes XRP Club NFT. There are only 10,000 Apes, all with their own unique style and attributes. A Bay token as described, is basically like a packaged Pokémon card and you only know what’s in the package if you open it.

7,000 tokens (70 percent) of the minted supply will be distributed to users as airdrops. Holders will then be able to convert their BAY token to mint one of the 10,000 unique and randomly generated apes.

The Economy (Loyalty Programs) of Bored Apes XRP Club


The ecosystem of Bored Apes XRP Club is fueled by a utility token that enables proper functionality in and out of the ecosystem – $Baynana, with a supply of 21,000,000 tokens.

Holders of NFTs will utilize their $Baynana to transact and govern within the xApe metaverse: buy merchandise, unlock exclusive club parts, Tip other Apes, swap $Baynana for other XRPL tokens on the DEX, and governance voting.

NFT holders earn daily and are paid weekly – earn $Baynana daily, at a 1:1 ratio, and that will be paid out each Friday, over the course of 5 years.

How Large is the Network of Bored Ape XRP Club?

At current time of writing this article, there are roughly 28k members following the Bored Apes XRP Club twitter account, 3k holders, and $Baynana has a +$9 Million dollar market cap.

Upcoming Inheriti® Integration Upgrades for Previous Partners!

We have already began brainstorming which types of NFTs can be incorporated with each partner’s specific referral link, so that they too can turn enhance the experience for users protecting assets within their metaverse.

Feel free to submit ideas, in the comment section of twitter, for what types of NFTs you would like to see incorporated by Safe Haven’s partners.

Join the Community and Assist in Spreading Awareness:

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.

Be sure to keep up with our official channels!


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