Deep Dive into the Safe Haven Project - Safe Haven

Deep Dive into the Safe Haven Project

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Emirex listed Safe Haven (SHA) for trading on the Emirex exchange. We would like to provide detailed information about this project and give a clear understanding of the whole potential of Safe Haven’s market direction.

Current available trading pair on the Emirex exchange: SHA/USDT

Safe Haven Profile

Safe Haven is a DeFi Platform that supports companies and blockchain projects, aiding their expansion within their verticals. We build solutions for the management of digital assets. Solutions include wallets, charity and fundraising solutions, digital inheritance solutions, and payment solutions on the blockchain.

Baseline profile of the cryptocurrency

Although Safe Haven initially started in the Ethereum ecosystem, based solely on building a platform for digital asset inheritance, the team later expanded their horizons and moved to VeChain to address other related issues facing the digital asset world. This historic event allowed Safe Haven to move on to creating a variety of products and services. And SHA tokens were subsequently swapped from ERC20 to VIP-180 standard.

  • Coin: SHA
  • Token standard: VIP180
  • Safe Haven Price: $0.00382804 USD
  • Safe Haven ROI since all time low: 3759,3%
  • Market Cap: $17.226.201 USD
  • 24 Hour Volume: $718.516 USD
  • Circulation Supply: 4.500.000.000 SHA
  • Total Supply: 8 500 000 000
  • All-Time High: $0,003998 USD (Aug 10, 2020)
  • All-Time Low: $0,000084 USD (Mar 13, 2020)

Safe Haven Products

  • Inheriti (Community/Standard/Business Editions) – a product designed to protect and distribute crypto assets between family members, friends, or stakeholders.
  • SafeKey – U2F key designed to solve security problems (FIDO2 + SSDP (Secret Sharing Distribution Protocol)).
  • Trust Alliance Network (TAN) – it is an autonomous social networking hub for blockchain-related legal affairs, separate from the Safe Haven Platform. The goal of this development is to connect the necessary legal entities that specialize in crypto-asset management with the owners of crypto-assets.
  • ThorPay – the platform for making blockchain-based distribution simple.
  • ThorBlock – the first communal funding turnkey solution on the VechainThor Blockchain.
  • ThorBlock Fundraising – a fundraising launcher.
  • ThorBlock Charity – a charity launcher.
  • SafeID – a one-time registration (SSO) to be used across all Safe Haven and SafeTech platforms.
  • MySafeWallet – is an open-source, client-side tool for generating VET wallets, handling VIP-180 & 181 tokens, and interacting with the blockchain more easily.
  • Comet – a browser-wallet for the decentralized web.

Safe Haven Partnerships

Safe Haven has entered into a partnership or collaboration with the following companies:

The Safe Haven platform, its technology, and products can be used by individuals and companies to integrate into their own (financial services) applications. As the number of its users continues to grow, the recognition of this project in the market increases, which positively affects the development of the digital blockchain environment.

The Safe Haven team is constantly working on the effective growth of the infrastructure, which is reflected in the expansion of technological capabilities and business relationships. The company represents a unique and highly demanded service that has all the potential to develop further as its main tenet is the safety and reliability of crypto-technology usage.

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