Development Update 01/2018 — Safe Haven - Safe Haven

Development Update 01/2018 — Safe Haven

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Six weeks ago we released our project Safe Haven. Due to the huge amount of positive reaction we have decided to frequently publishing similar development updates. During the past few weeks we have made several announcements about partnerships, new advisors, new teammembers and more. Even though the past weeks have been very positive for Safe Haven we feel like we have made a lot of progress in the field of development and expanding the development team. The coming months will be all about delivering our promises and releasing everything we have announced in our roadmap!

Latest announcements:

Andrew Kamal, Blockchain Architect

At the beginning of January we hired our Blockchain Architect, Andrew Kamal. Andrew has been interested in the crypto-space since 2011 and is creator and founder of Crowdcoin, and His expertise relies on hash protocols, distributed computing and mathematical physics.

Safe Haven Alpha Release

Currently we have three full-time developers working on our Safe Haven platform. It is our pleasure to say that we are on schedule and we are working hard to release our alpha of the Safe Haven platform very soon.

Safe Haven Multi-sig Wallet Release

Our Multi-sig Wallet is not mentioned in our roadmap, but at Safe Haven we like to surprise our community and create our own. We will release our own online Multi-sig Wallet before our ICO so you can store your tokens safely and secure. We will include block-explorer and a friendly user interface.

Upcoming releases

We hope to release our 2018 roadmap very soon. The roadmap content has been forwarded to our in-house graphic designer. We have decided to overhaul all of our graphic assets and have hired a professional graphic designer for our TAN platform and Safe Haven graphic assets. Furthermore, in 2018 we will be focusing on our Trust Alliance Platform, Safe Haven Platform, partnerships with lawfirms and onboarding partners so Safe Haven can be used as a inheritance method in various countries. This process started with new partnerships and we are looking forward to sharing more exciting news soon ;)!

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