Development Update May 2018: Trust Alliance Network Deployment - Safe Haven

Development Update May 2018: Trust Alliance Network Deployment

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Our Dev team is happy to announce that our Trust Alliance Network is almost ready and is being tuned for production deployment as we speak.

Why we opted for MultiChain?

The reason that we have chosen for a Multichain as an enterprise development system for custom blockchain solutions that uses BTC core APIs and parameters.

· The MultiChain has been in development since end of 2014, so almost 3 years. The first alpha release 1.0 was in June 2015.

· It can be extensively configured to make it open or permissioned.

· It is a very stable, reliable, powerful and well documented product with a very high level of maturity.

The TAN chain will include the following features:

· Unique Rewarding Mechanism for Content Publication and Moderation on the TAN

· Enterprise Level Multichain Deamon Deployment

· Inmutable Identification Tracking System for Verified and Validated Legal Entities

· API Pipeline for Bi-directional Third-Party Integration

· Proof-of-Work (POW) permissioned blockchain

Why do we need our TAN?

To answer this question it is important for you, as a reader, to understand our Trust Alliance Network is all about.

The TAN is an autonomous social networking hub for block chain related legal affairs. The goal is to connect lawyers and notaries that specialize in crypto currencies to crypto investors and enthusiasts. The TAN will become a hub for legal related block chain information, articles, laws, etc. The TAN will be world’s first legal reference for distributed ledger/block chain applications, users, and companies.

Legal entities will be able to offer their services and highlight their fields of specialization for potential clients. A profile page will be available for each legal entity containing their contact information, remunerations details, and a short description of themselves and their services. Also, users will be able to chat between themselves and legal entities via our platform.

Blockchain law related articles are going be published on the platform so the average investor can stay informed. Legal entities and users will be able to share their thoughts as well by commenting on the articles.

Legal entities will act as validators to validate legal documents of any kind, which is necessary to fulfill the conditions written in the smart contracts stored on the blockchain. Validators will process in a secure and transparent way, without eavesdropping, the release and store of validators /backup validators shares, backup shares for stakeholders, which are need to merge the private key/passphrase or any other digital asset that the initiator wants to protect.

Legal entities that are screened and validated will receive an inmutable/tamper proof TAN-ID on our blockchain in order to be integrated in our Digital inheritance platform. The TAN is a platform that will integrate safe haven as a client and will allow other blockchain project’s that needs dispute handling. RESTful API’s are developped so make third party integration possible.

The GUI/ public site of our TAN is still under development and more updates about this will be published soon.

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